Do Carpet Beetles And Bed Bugs Live in Beds

July 8, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

This carpet beetle has 6 feet, antenna, and a pair of wings with a size of approximately 1/8 inch. Very small animals that eat silk, leather, wool, even animal fur. These animals live on carpets, fabrics, coats, pillows, wool, blankets, and clothing. However, these carpet beetles rarely eat or stay in synthetic fabrics. This condition is different from adult carpet beetle. Because adult carpet beetles eat pollen and nectar that are outdoors.

While, the larvae of this carpet beetle will eat the seeds, milled products in the kitchen and pet food. So, this carpet beetle likes the abundant food available to lay eggs. Although in other conditions carpet beetle can also breed outdoors. This carpet beetle can enter the area of ​​the house through doors, windows, or plants that are moved into the room. The disruption or infestation of these carpet beetles is very rapidly spreading. However, the identification of the carpet beetle infestation is difficult to find. Because carpet beetles like dark and uninterrupted places.

Favorite Places Of Carpet Beetles And Bed Bugs

This carpet beetle does not directly live in your bed. However, the bed can be used by carpet beetles to spawn to become larvae. Thus, the larvae of the carpet beetle can eat the fabric around your bed. Animals that often live and disturb your bed are bed bugs. So, you need to know the difference between carpet beetle and bed bugs.

This carpet beetle can cause red rash and itching due to the barrel’s barrel feathers. Meanwhile, Bed bugs can bite to eat your blood that can cause injury and itching. The size of this carpet beetle is smaller than bed bugs. Carpet beetles have compound eyes, scales, and feathers are thorny, while Bed bugs do not have it.

Body condition of these insects look similar to apelyang seeds have legs. The most striking difference is carpet beetles eat various types of cloth, while bed bugs eat blood. And these bed bugs live directly by hiding in bed, around mattresses, wooden cracks, wall coverings, carpets, and other household furniture. Bed bugs live inside the house, while the akrpet beetle can be found outside the home.

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Bed bugs and carpet beetles are dangerous animals and can cause problems. Therefore, it must be overcome. The simplest way is to submit the duty of expulsion of the animal to a professional pest technician. Using the services of professional pest technicians will facilitate you in cleaning and make your home free of carpet beetles and bed bugs. However, treatment is the main thing.

You should regularly clean up the various household furniture and non synthetic fabrics you have. For the carpet, you can clean it regularly using vacuum and clean it with dry cleaning technique. In addition, note also the cupboard where you store clothes. You should regularly clean your clothes cupboard and give the scent of essential oil fragrances so carpet beetles are not interested to dwell in your cupboard.

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