Do Carpet Beetles Have Wings and Can Fly?

July 15, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetle has a body length of about 1/8 to 3/16 inches. Has Black or brown color. The living place of this carpet beetle when inside the house among others; In Carpets, curtains, furniture, and bed linen. This carpet beetle will take the type of fabric from leather, fur, wool and silk. In addition, carpet beetles can also consume organic materials that have died; Such as skin or fur particles.

There are different types of food consumed between carpet beetle larvae and adult carpet. Because adult carpet beetles prefer to eat nectar and pollen when outdoors. While when in the house, they will eat the grains and various herbs stored in your kitchen. This carpet beetle does not bite, but the sharp carpet beetle’s larvae can cause irritation that gives a sensation like a “bite”.

Common Types

Common species encountered from this carpet beetle are Varied Carpet Beetle, Furniture Carpet Beetles, and Black Carpet Beetle. This carpet beetle is the most common pest in the house. They will hide so that their presence tends to be “invisible”. This carpet beetle can grow significantly if it gets enough food supply. Conditions like this will be easier in causing damage in your home. The damage caused is trivial and negligible. This is because the size of carpet beetle is very small, so the damage caused is almost invisible. However, if the damage is done continuously, it will have a major impact on the furniture, fabric, and condition of your home.

About Carpet Beetle Wings

You need a magnifying glass to be able to see the real shape of this carpet beetle because of its very small size. This carpet beetle has a hard, leather-like antenna and wing. There is a difference in the development of the wings between the existing Carpet Beetle species. Thus, this condition makes a difference in the function of the wing existence of carpet beetles. Therefore, some types of beetles may fly and some other beetle species cannot do so.

This flying beetle usually has a soft wing covered with a hardened outer wing. This hardened wing is referred to as elytra. The outer or elytra wing serves as a soft wing protector that can be used for flying. Some of these common flying beetles are carpet beetles, flour beetles, discarded beetles, and several other beetles. Meanwhile, in the case of the beetle that cannot fly these two pairs of wings harden.

This type of non-flying beetle, among others; Beetle-beaded beetles, spider beetles, Khapra beetles, and several other species. From this brief explanation it can be concluded that carpet beetles can fly to move places. They can enter the house through the cracks of walls, doors, windows and other holes in the area around your house. The condition of the beetle that can fly or not fly is actually the same, that can cause damage to the house, as well as your yard.

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Carpet beetle that made it into the house will cause various disturbances and damage. Therefore, to overcome the interference from carpet beetles can be done by cleaning the carpets, furniture racks and various areas of the house on a regular basis. In addition, you can also perform cleaning using a vacuum. You need to know that this carpet beetle is also interested in sweaty clothing or clothes that contain food scraps. Therefore, pay close attention to your clothes before washing. It would be better if you wipe your dirty clothes first before deciding to wash them.

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