Do centipedes bite humans? How harmful is the centipede venom?

You should know that centipedes can inject venom in humans, but it’s rare. The house centipedes were the only species which known to prefer indoor environmental and they also frightened by human as well.  However there are many questions about do centipedes bite humans? Is that dangerous? How is treatment? And more. The larger species usually have more painful bites, but they might not typically enter homes. The centipede attacks were generally very rare and seldom result in serious consequences. If they are panicked or cornered, the centipedes can attack human, if so, usually too small can break human’s skin with their forcipules. Even this thing happen, the house centipede venom might cause light pain, but this is not dangerous.

How you can identify their bites?

Centipedes using their pair of legs that had been adapted with the claws, so they can bite into the skin. These poison claws can be found under the first of body segment and also can cause small wounds and blister when the centipedes crawling across the skin as well. When the centipede bites, it can inject the venom to the victim which had been stored inside the internal glands. Luckily as mentioned above, although the bites might give you light pain, they were rarely fatal.

Several symptoms of bite

The symptoms of bite can be so vary depending on the level of allergic reaction and centipede’s size as well. Generally, the bite victim will experience severe pain, redness and swelling in affected area, along with the symptoms typically lasting less than 48 hours. The symptoms in human can be more sensitive to the venom effects, such as: chest pain, headache, vomiting and nausea. The victim from this centipede bites were often gardeners who spend a lot time around centipede’s area. The venom that had been injected is typically harmless and do not life threatening in humans. The symptoms were also fleeting only within few hours. However the bigger centipedes also cane greater pain would be. Kids and those who have insect allergic might experience more severe reaction as well. so, you should contact your doctor to get best advice and treatment from this centipede bites as well.

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How you can keep them out?

The centipedes enter you house to find the moist and warm site as the shelter and reproducing place during winter season. To keep them out, ensure that your basement is stay clean, dry, uncluttered and free from the other pests which usually they relied for food. You can consider using the dehumidifier. You also able look for the gaps, floors, cracks inside the walls or foundations. Pay attention especially on basement and attic window then you can reseal or replace them. Even centipedes also were known crawling through the leaking pipes, so ensure that you plumbing is secure as well. Centipedes might not dangerous, but they can be annoying and distressing you. The worst thing is centipedes want to reproduce and keep their eggs indoors.