Do Electronic Mice Repellents Work?

September 1, 2017 | Mice

Who does not recognize the mouse, almost every house is certain there is a rodent on this one. It is very furious when they are looking for food and making damage. In general, homeowners will take action if damage and disruption caused by mice increasingly severe. Some dangerous diseases can be caused by mice. Whether it affects even mild to the cause of death. Therefore we must expel it. To get rid of a mouse is not an easy matter either. He is clever and knows how the traps can kill him. There are many ways that people have done to get rid of mice from their homes. Starting from having cats, putting mice poison, making traps and mouse clamps, to use electronic mice repellents. Does it all work? However, cats also have a positive and negative impact. You also have to go the extra mile to take care of the cat, to feed each day, to clean up the pup. In addition, if your cat romp with mice, sometimes make things at home into a mess. If you use mouse poison, it is effective, but after mice die then you should find out where the carcass is dwelling and cleaning it. Do electronic mice repellents work? Here below you will get more information about electronic mice repellents.

How Electronic Mice Repellents Works

This electronic mouse repellent works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves that are safe for humans and the environment, the ultrasonic sound produced is so low that it will not interfere with human hearing but powerful enough to repel mice. How to use this mouse repellent tool is very easy that just plug this tool into an electrical outlet, then the rat repellent tool will work. One unit of this rat repellent device can drive the mouse up to a radius of twenty-five square meters and saving electricity because of low wattage.


Another benefit of this tool is also to expel other pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and other pest species. This device is quite practical, lightweight and very portable also does not cause a smell like rat poison in general. Rat repellent tool is fairly cheap than others, because enough once you buy it can use it repeatedly. Unlike the use of toxins, for example, in addition to dangerous rat poison if it runs out then you have to buy poison again and that way will not make a deterrent mice lodged at home because it is just killing, not kicking rats so as not to come back again.


In some cases, electronic mice repellents are also not fully functioning effectively. Some people complain that mice can still pass by though they have installed this tool at home. Because the ultrasonic wave generated by this tool we also do not know and feel anything about it, so we cannot control the performance of this tool.

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Some of the facts above are the answer of “do electronic mice repellents work?” Yes, it works. But not all mice can be expelled with this tool and we cannot control the performance of this tool.

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