Do Mice Have Bones and Thumbs? Here The Shocking Anwser!

August 17, 2017 | Mice

Do mice have bones and thumbs? This question might seem strange, since you probably know that mice included in mammal, it is certain that they have bones as well as full system of skeleton. They would positively have a spinal cord, spinal column as well as nervous system. However, if you read it for several times, you might start to wonder about the answer of this question as well if you remember about the mice in your home. You might have closed all suspicious places they could use as an entrance, but how could they slipped their body to steal some of your foods?

The nature of mice

Mice actually have a body that allows them to squeeze into an extremely tight spaces. Mice also have an intuition whether they could fit their head into the hole they see or not. Once they head could go through, the rest of their body could follow as well. Their body is also in a narrow and long shape. What makes them looks so plump is actually only the thick fur they have. Moreover, mice have strong legs and have no collarbones. It makes them much easier to pass through any size of hole. A single hole, as big as nickel, is more than enough for mice to squeeze their body through it. A hole with pretty much the same as dime could accommodate a mouse to slip.

What would happen next?

Once mice found a hole to enter your house, they could use their strong jaws as well as incisors to make the hole becomes larger even more. That is why you should not underestimate any size of hole in your house. You need to start checking every single cracks and crevices as well to prevent any holes to occur. When they start to enter your house, a single mouse could lead another to invade your living place. When they already found a suitable place to make a nest, they could breed with numerous amounts. It will be such a pain in the neck, when you are late in realizing their growth and see countless mice run around your house.

What should I to prevent that?

When you found the suspicious tiny hole or crevices, take an immediate action by sealing them up. It will keep any mice or rodent out from your house. However, if you think that observing your big house might be a very hard work to do, you could just using the service from pest control professionals. They would have more than adequate capability to find any possibilities of places used as entrance for mice.

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Now, since your bank of facts about mice has added, you must know what to do after finished reading this article. Never let guard down. Knowing a good method to prevent bad things from happening is much better than capable of practicing lots of method to solve the problem. We hope that this article is enough to answer your curiosity regarding the question of do mice have bones and thumbs or not.

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