Do Mice Have Bones, Thumbs and Bladders? (Mice Anatomy)

March 29, 2018 | Mice

There are a lot of myths floating around about mice which describe them in a completely different way than the way they really are. The biggest myth is that mice do not have bones, thumbs, or bladders. All these assumptions are false because mice really do have bones, thumbs, and bladders. In fact, they have many of the same characteristics as mammals do. For more information, please continue read the mice anatomy article below:


Mice have a complete vertebra just like an animal or human. This means they have an internal skeleton with a spinal cord, skull, and limbs. This is how they can walk around on their own while supporting their body weight. If they didn’t have bones, they would not be able to move around at all. Their leg bones are some of the strongest bones on them. However, they do not have collar bones which is how they are able to squeeze through tight spaces so easily. A lot of people believe mice don’t have bones because of how they’re able to do this. But the reason just has to do with a missing collarbone and not with a missing skeletal structure.


There are no opposable thumbs on mice. The word “opposable” means the thumb can bend and touch other fingers on the hand. Technically, mice have two front feet and two back feet. Each front foot has 4 toes and each back foot has 5 toes. This combination of toes provides the proper amount of stability which mice need to stand and move. When standing they will put most of the pressure on their two back feet. If they need to grab food and eat it, they will use their two front feet. Some people confuse the front feet as being like hands because mice grab things like it is their hands, but it is really their legs.

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Mice do in fact have urinary bladders. They urinate on a regular basis, even more than most bigger mammals. If you have ever owned a pet mouse and kept it in a cage, you will know that it urinates soon after it consumes water. This does not have to be plain water that they consume. Mice get plenty of water from the foods they eat. Their main dietary plan consists of grains, fruits, and seeds. You might be surprised by this because the common myth is that mice like to eat cheese the most. It is true that they will eat cheese if it is around, but they would prefer the grains, fruits, and seeds. Once they consume these things, they will surely urinate.

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Other Myths Debunked

If you have an infestation of mice in your home or around your home, do not believe the myth that unleashing a cat on them will get rid of the infestation. Cats will certainly attack a mouse that it comes across, but it is not going to kill a whole herd of them. Also, if you only see one mouse in your home, do not assume it is alone. Mice do not travel far away from their family and they love to reproduce quickly. If they are in an environment with plenty of shelter, food, and water, then one female mouse could give birth to 60 baby mice each year. That is why you will want to control the mice problem as soon as you notice it, or else you could have an even bigger problem soon.

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