Do mosquitoes bite more than once?

October 10, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Do mosquitoes bite more than once? Yes they do! Almost everyone is bitten by mosquitoes. The itching and red scars caused after the bite certainly cause discomfort, even reduce the confidence. In addition, a more severe mosquito bites are also potentially infectious diseases. However, behind the annoying effects of mosquito bites, there are also some facts about mosquito bites.

Bite several times

The average mosquito weighs about 2.5 milligrams. When they bite, they drink blood more than 5 milligrams-twice their body weight. This can be done once at once or several times until they are full.

A mosquito can get enough blood in one bite if the victim is unaware or does not feel anything when bitten. In the case of mosquito bites in sleeping people or animals, mosquitoes can get enough blood intakes in just one bite. Meanwhile, a female mosquito that bites a victim in a conscious state and feels the bite, then the mosquito must suck blood from one victim or several repeatedly.

Once filled with blood, mosquitoes often remove dirt so they can fly. Mosquitoes have a very fast metabolism. They can eat and expel the dirt at the same time (just like a caterpillar). If mosquitoes do not remove dirt then they will be difficult to fly. This process, known as dieresis, occurs with all species-although the types of dirt products vary. Mosquitoes that can transmit malaria (Anopheles) secrete plasma, which can transmit dengue fever and yellow (Aides) secrete urine.

Facts about mosquito bites

  • Males do not bite.

Male mosquitoes do not suck blood because they only eat fruit juice or other plants. Only the female mosquitoes actually drink the blood. Female mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs. Mosquitoes usually eat nectar; blood is needed for regeneration purpose only.

  • The mosquitoes can transmit disease.

Some diseases are spread by mosquitoes including malaria, encephalitis and yellow fever, in addition to fever (the virus causes fever, joint pain, and rash) and Western Nile virus (a potentially deadly virus that weakens the immune system).

  • Mosquitoes detect humans through our breath, especially when we sleep and exercise. Mosquitoes have sensors that can detect the presence of living things around them. This sensor is the “eye” for mosquitoes because of the fact, mosquitoes are animals that have poor eyesight and are very limited. This sensor also functions like echolocation in bats. Mosquitoes have a special substance in their mouth that can prevent the victim’s blood from freezing when sucked. The human body is capable of destroying an enzyme that functions as a blood clot. This substance prevents people from losing much blood when injured. The anti-freeze substances that mosquitoes possess can inhibit the working of blood-clotting enzymes, so they can “drink” without having to worry that the victim’s blood will freeze.

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As a living creature, mosquitoes make the ability to fly as a way to stay alive and find prey. Mosquitoes may fly for a while and come back to suck blood; they will continue to do that until they are full. So, do mosquitoes bite more than once? Yes, when they need to.

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