Do Mosquitoes Prefer Certain Blood Types? Let’s Read This Answer

September 19, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Do mosquitoes prefer certain blood types? There are studies that say mosquitoes love O blood type but there are other things that make a person bitten by a mosquito. Maybe you’ve sat on the couch and you are bitten by mosquitoes more often than your friends. This has a realistic explanation. Mosquitoes not only bite someone by blood type but also other factors. You should read some of the biological factors listed below.

You Are Pregnant

This condition makes you a perfect target for the mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes have carbon dioxide. These mosquitoes also have nerve receptors that can detect gases present in other environments. This ability is related to your pregnancy. Studies conducted in 2002 prove that women who are in the late stages of pregnancy can exhale more carbon dioxide gas than ordinary women. The researchers suspect that pregnant women have physiological differences that make the woman bite more mosquitoes than other women. Perhaps the woman may emit an odor when it evaporates and this can make the insects are attracted to bite the pregnant woman.

You Are Sweating

If you sweat while exercising, then the mosquitoes will come to bite you because the sweat releases lactic acid from your body. This substance can attract mosquitoes to your body. Your body is in a warm condition when sweating and mosquitoes like the condition.

You Have O Blood Type

You definitely like certain foods and these foods will become your favorite food. This also happens to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes prefer O blood type because this type emits an odor that can attract mosquitoes. This blood type is the favorite flavor of the mosquitoes.

You Drink Beer

If you consume beer consistently, then your body’s appetite will increase for the mosquitoes. Research does show that mosquitoes prefer humans who already consume alcohol. This phenomenon may change because it cannot be known clearly.

You Have an Interesting Genome

Gene mechanism is the basis of your actions. You can live in the forest well because you have certain genes. You can also escape from the forest without getting hurt because you have unique genes. There are some scientists who prove that there are some people with certain genes that can produce natural mosquito repellent. This is a genetically-controlled natural phenomenon.

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How to Avoid the Mosquitoes?

Usually, mosquitoes will attack you in summer. Summer makes you sweat and you definitely want to use short clothes. This outfit does look nice in summer but the mosquito will start biting your body as you wear the shorts. It is best to wear trousers and long-sleeved clothes during the summer. If you feel uncomfortable with the clothes, then you can use mosquito repellent. You can also apply mosquito lotion on your body before doing the activity in summer. Mosquitoes can make you suffer from dangerous diseases because mosquitoes carry bacteria and viruses. The virus will spread to your body through the blood. That’s the explanation of do mosquitoes prefer certain blood types?

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