Drywood Termites Treatment Tips

March 29, 2016 | Termite Treatments

drywood termites treatment tipsTermites are able to feast on drywood because their saliva can properly digest the cellulose fibers found in wood, which is something animals and other insects are not able to do. But like any other pest, termites can be killed with one call to your local exterminator. However, you don’t want to wait until the termites actually strike because they would have already done damage to the drywood of your home’s structure. That is why you want to treat your drywood in a way that will prevent termites from even appearing on your drywood.

There are natural and chemical treatments you can apply to help prevent and kill termites. A natural treatment is orange oil extract, which you can obtain from the peels of an orange. This is the part of the orange that you don’t normally eat because it can upset your stomach. Orange oil is so strong that it can irritate your skin and your eyes, so you have to be careful when extracting it. As an insecticide, the D-Limonene ingredient in the orange oil can kill a variety of insects by destroying their cell membranes and melting their exoskeleton. Termites happen to be one of the insects that can die this way from orange oil. All you have to do is drill small holes in the wooden area that is infested with terminates, or the area you want to prevent from getting infested. Then you need to inject the orange oil extract into the hollow spaces because these are the areas where the termites like to feed. You should notice the infestation problem going away after a few days, but it can take up to 3 weeks sometimes depending on how severe the infestation is.

For those who don’t want to drill holes and go through that trouble, microwaves are another way to get rid of termites. Just purchase a portable device that can send out microwaves into the wood, but make sure it is infested first. Use the device on a wooden area that is no bigger than 20 feet for up to 30 minutes each day. Portable electric devices can also be used if you want something even more effective because it will electrocute the termites. But for a simpler treatment, just expose the infested area to as much sunlight and heat as you can. Termites prefer darkness and do not like sunlight because it can kill them. So if it is possible to shine sunlight on the infested area then do so.

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