The Best Essential Oils to Repel Mice

August 11, 2017 | Mice

Some people will go for poison or even hire a professional to take the mice away from your house. As I always said, whatever that might be the main reason of it, you have to get rid of that colony as soon as possible. Besides the annoying presence of the mice, they can also bring disease, not to mention the filthy garbage they carried. So, as I have said, it is better to ditch them away as soon as possible.

How to know if you have mice in the house

It is obvious that country and city areas are basically more prone to this rodent. Besides, particular houses can be the better place for hiding like the old houses since they may have a lot of cracks and holes. Even though you do not invite them in, they will feel the opposite. Mice are the nocturnal so you will spot them in the afternoon and night. They will produce unwanted sounds and make things in your kitchen fall down. Squeaking or scratching will be the other common sounds you will hear in the night too.

Best Essential Oil for Repel the Mice

There are several essential oils that will help you to keep them away:

Peppermint essential oil is the most popular one. It is used for repelling the mice in natural way. They really do not like the mint scent. This is fairly affordable so you can buy some of it and stock it at home.

Besides peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil can be the other option for you. You can put the oil near the hiding spot and they will run away immediately.

Spearmint is the sibling of peppermint. It makes the mice go away just right after they smell it. There are also several kinds of essential that will be your nice weapon such as lavender, camphor, and balsam fir essential oil. They may smell fine for you but the mice just do not like them. You can also mix them with another essential oil for stronger smell. Peppermint will be a great essential oil to be mixed with others.

How to use it

Well, the essential oil may not work for you if the infestation is too severe. But at least, it can help you to prevent them to comeback.

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You can use cotton ball that has been dipped in the essential oil and then put it near the hiding spots of them. You can mix them with water and put it in the spray bottle and then spray the fluid in the evidence like the droppings of mice. Wood chip can be the other better thing you can use for distributing the essential oil. so, this is my sight about the best essential oils to repel mice.

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