Do Cockroaches Have Wings, Blood and Six Legs?

March 26, 2017 | Cockroach

For millions of years, cockroaches have existed. They’ve certainly evolved into very adaptable pests in the world. In fact, there are close to 4,000 species of cockroaches which still exist on Earth. In the United States, roughly 70 species of cockroaches can be found there. Below are some general facts about cockroaches that everybody should learn about. So that you will know how many legs do cockroaches have? Do cockroaches have wings, blood and hearth? and How long can a cockroach live without its head and without food and water?

Do cockroaches have wings?

The quick answer is YES: Wings can be found on cockroaches which have led many to believe they can fly. However, cockroaches are terrible flyers and most of them do not even attempt to fly.

One setback that prevents cockroaches from flying is their size. Believe it or not, cockroaches are bigger than your average insect. Their wings simply cannot support carrying the massive size of their bodies into the air. If a cockroach tries to fly, they’d have terrible maneuverability and speed. If a flying insect moves slowly in the air, they become an easy target for bats and birds who like to feast on insects. Therefore, cockroaches tend to run with their fast legs instead of flying.

How many legs do cockroaches have?

Most insects have 6 legs and cockroaches are no exception. These are segmented legs which are all connected to the middle of the body on a cockroach. This area is called the thorax. If for some reason the cockroach loses their legs, they grow back on their own. Cockroaches grow by shedding their exoskeletons. A cockroach may wait to do this until their missing leg grows back.

Do cockroaches have blood?

A lot of people wonder if cockroaches have blood. The answer is “yes,” they do. The interesting thing is that colorless blood can be found in male cockroaches and orange blood can occasionally be found in female cockroaches. The reason males have colorless blood is because their blood has a lack of hemoglobin in it. This is the cell that is responsible for the redness found in human blood. In humans, hemoglobin serves the purpose of carrying oxygen so it essential for us to have it. Cockroaches don’t breathe like humans so they don’t need hemoglobin. Instead, cockroaches breathe with tracheae which are a series of tubes in their body. If a cockroach were to lose their head, it would still be able to breathe through these tubes. Like most insects, an open circulatory system can be found in cockroaches. Hemolymph is the word to describe the blood of cockroaches. This hemolymph flows inside their body freely and reaches all its internal tissues and organs. Roughly 90% of hemolymph is simply watery fluid while the last 10% of it contains hemocytes. The tracheal system of the cockroach is what delivers oxygen to them, rather than the circulatory system.

Do a cockroaches have hearth?

Cockroaches and most other insects typically don’t have a vascular system or hearts because their blood flows and delivers oxygen and nutrients throughout their body without needing to be pumped. They also have a decentralized brain and nervous system where their body functions are controlled by the movement that goes on near that part, such as when they move their legs.

How long can a cockroach live without its head?

If a cockroach loses its head, it can survive for at least 1 week and at the most 1 month. The reason they can survive this long is because they don’t have centralized organs or a centralized nervous system. The only reason a cockroach without a head dies in the first place is because of starvation and dehydration. So, it is really like a slow death for them.

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How long can a cockroach live without food and water?

Cockroaches are not picky eaters. They’ll eat whatever they can feed on. If cockroaches live in the sewer, then they’ll feed on raw sewage. If they live on dead trees, then they’ll feed on decaying wood.

Cockroaches that don’t have water to drink will only live for a few days or up to a week at most. If cockroaches only have water but no food, they could survive for several months. On the other hand, if they only consume dry food but no water, they’ll die much more quickly.

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