The Mosquitoes: Are They Nocturnal or Diurnal Creature?

September 12, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Everybody knows mosquitoes, yup, who doesn’t know that bloodsucker animal? Besides annoying, the mosquitoes can be dangerous if they bring virus or other harmful things. Because of those reasons, it is normal if the mosquitoes have become the one of the most hated animals in this world. On the other hand, we may think when the mosquitoes start their blood hunting time. People usually ask about are mosquitoes nocturnal or diurnal creatures? That’s normal because they seem to start hunting in the night, yet we also meet them on the day. To make this thing clear, we are going to share you what are the mosquitoes specifically.

The Facts About Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are flying animal which is included in the family of Culicidae. They have long tube for consuming blood from the preys. In common, the mosquitoes can bring some harmful virus or infections such as Chikungunya, dengue fever, malaria, west nile virus, yellow fever, filariasis, and Zika virus. Because of it, this flying animal is also considered as an insect which is deadly. Similar with other flies, mosquitoes have four stages of life cycles like egg phase, larva phase, pupa phase, and the last is adult phase. In addition, water is a place where the adult mosquitoes oftenly lay down their eggs.

When the mosquitoes start hunting?

As been described before, the time when the mosquitoes start hunting is quite unclear. Here, most of the mosquitoes start hunting at the night time, yet they also seems at the daytime. However, this flying animal is considered as the nocturnal animal. In fact, now the mosquitoes out-smart the humans. Why? Because we the humans prevent the mosquito bites at the night with a mosquito net, again, they now start biting at the daytime. A study which has been conducted – the Journal of Infectious Diseases, said that the mosquitoes are not sticking to their night time feasts anymore. They can even bite you in the early morning.

Is there any tip to avoid the mosquito bites?

When we talk about how to avoid the mosquito bites, there are some ways which you can choose. The first way which is considered as the best choice is using a mosquito repellent. Here, the chemical substances which contain in a mosquito repellent will prevent the mosquitoes to suck your bloods. The next is, you can wear the loose fitting clothes to make your body heat becomes reduced. Besides, you can also wear camouflage clothes. This way will make the mosquitoes can’t recognize your body clearly. In addition, you can add the permethrin repellents onto your clothes.

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If you haven’t known before, the mosquitoes will come to you if your smell are strong. It means that the perfume, fragrant, cologne, or lotion can attract the mosquitoes. Even though they suck our blood, if there is an attractive thing, they will come to you. When you are going to sleep, you can also utilize a mosquito net. Again, the mosquito wcan be considered as an answer to the question of are mosquitoes nocturnal creatures? In addition, to get a full protection you can use the repellents and mosquito net before sleeping.

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