How to find and get rid of cockroaches nest inside house and garden

April 9, 2017 | Cockroach

If you’ve noticed cockroaches scampering around, especially when you turn the lights on in a dark kitchen, you know you’ve got an infestation. But, finding their nest is another matter. You will have to look around but it is definitely possible to find where they’re nesting and try eliminating them yourself before hiring a pest control company to come out to your house and get rid of them.

How to Find Where Cockroaches Nest

Roches like to gather together and nest inside homes where there is food and moisture and where they can stay hidden. Some species like to hang out in kitchens where they can find plenty of food in cupboards and trash containers and where they can lay their eggs in dark hiding places. If you suspect an infestation, look for signs behind or under appliances, in cracks below or behind cabinets, or around plumbing fixtures and drains under the sink.

Some species of cockroaches, like the wood cockroach, enjoy living outdoors so you hardly ever see this type infesting homes. Wood cockroaches are commonly found east of of the Mississippi River in the United States. They usually lay their eggs under or behind loose bark on logs or trees, and adult roaches gather in dark, moist places, like under wood piles or inside hallow logs, where they can feed on decaying organisms. They will also congregate under wood shingles or behind house siding.

Different Types of Roach Nests

Just as there are different types of cockroaches, there are different types of nesting areas preferred by each species. The German cockroach, which is one of the most common, prefers nesting in warm, moist areas. You can find their nests in small cracks in kitchens and bathrooms. The brownbanded cockroach will nest throughout an entire house, preferably in high places and inside appliances. The Oriental cockroach is much larger and their nests can be found below ground level, like in crawl spaces and basements. The American cockroach (or palmetto bug), seems to like commercial buildings rather than houses. They like warm places, so can often be found in sewer pipes and heating ducts.

How to Kill Cockroaches and Get Rid of Them Once and For All

There are a number of ways to successfully kill cockroaches. The best way to prevent them in the first place is to keep a clean home without any sources of food, but that’s not so easy. The problem is that the cockroach is so touch that they can live an entire week with no head. It could live even longer if its body could get water. Cockroaches can live a month without eating, which means they’re not going to just leave your home looking for food.

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To successfully get rid of an infestation of cockroaches, you’ve got to kill the cockroaches and their eggs. To eliminate them without creating a mess or breathing in fumes, use Mortein Nest Kill Cockroach baits. They will attract cockroaches to their bait station and then they’ll eat the bait, go back to their nest and just die. In the process they will contaminate the other nesting cockroaches along with all the eggs, killing the whole infestation off for good!

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