Can Fly Eggs Hatch and Survive in Your Stomach?

Have you ever seen fly eggs? Can fly eggs hatch and survive in your stomach? This question may appear when you see fly eggs on the food. It looks so small, and makes you able to accidentally swallow it. Is fly eggs dangerous for health? Find the answer below.

Fly Eggs in Stomach

As mentioned before, fly eggs are so small. It looks like rice and has white color. Sometime, you may not able to see it. So, you will swallow it accidently. When it happens, you may wonder about the growth of fly eggs in your stomach.

Yes, fly eggs are dangerous for health. When it is swallowed and live in your stomach, it will hatch and eat the food that has been swallowed. The food that should be digested by intestine and your organs will be eaten by fly eggs. Finally, you will not get enough nutrition from food you have swallowed.

Fly eggs will survive because eating your food and nutrition. People with fly eggs in their stomach may not get some symptoms, but in some cases, people with fly eggs in their stomach often experience stomacache, nausea, gag, and diarrhea. So, be careful if you get these symptoms. You may have swallowed fly eggs accidently and the eggs cause bad effect in your body.

How to Get Rid of Fly Eggs

From the explanation above, we know that fly eggs are dangerous for health. To avoid bad effect of fly eggs, we have to do some tips to prevent and get rid of fly eggs. You can follow some tips below to avoid fly eggs:

  • Choose Healthy Food

Fly eggs may be not seen by our eyes. But, we can make sure that we eat healthy food to avoid eating fly eggs. For example, we can eat the food that is cooked by ourselves at home. Actually, food cooked by us is healthier that food you buy in the street. Why? It is because we know about our environment. Our environment is usually clean and free of horseflies. Finally, we will eat healthy food and free of fly eggs.

  • Avoid Street Food

Do you like travelling? You may often see various street foods when you walk on the road. They may attract you to buy and eat it immediately. The important point you have to know is, not every street food is free of fly eggs. Sometime, street food contains fly eggs and other unhealthy thing, such as hair, worm, and many more. So, be careful. You have to choose street food that looks so clean and healthy.

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  • Avoid Fly Eggs

We have mentioned that fly eggs look like rice and has white colors. So if you find fly eggs on the food, make sure you remove it immediately. Or, you don’t have to eat that food because the food has been contaminated by fly eggs. Wherever you are, you have to check the condition of the food. So, you will be free of fly eggs. After reading this information, hopefully you will not ask about this question, “can fly eggs hatch and survive in your stomach?” anymore.