How Long does a House Fly Live? Read the Lifespan Here!

Every day we see flies around us: at home, at your office, on the street, restaurants, bathrooms, mostly dirty and unprotected places. Although flies are often described as a symbol of dirt and something disgusting but here we want to tell you things what you should know about it: how actually flies have different types and different lifespan. Now, if you want to know more, let’s read our explanations below:

Different Types, Different Lifespan of Flies

Just like other species, flies have many different types from house fly to sand fly. The shape, color and lifespan is very different if you compare each other, although you can’t see it directly without the help of microscope. To mention, a few types of flies are like house fly, sand fly, horse fly, fruit fly, face fly and drain fly. House fly might be a type of common fly you easy to see around your home when sand fly is a type of fly that easily bites your skin to suck blood. From the shapes and colors, there is various types about it. For example, drain fly has wide wings with black-brown color, bottle fly with green color, sand fly is almost yellow-orange color and fruit fly has thin shape with appearance more like bees.

What about lifespan of flies? You can’t say that one fly has same lifespan like the other types. For example, fruit fly has lifespan from 16 to 30 days when drain fly has 7 to 14 days. Face fly has same lifespan like drain fly when sand fly has shorter lifespan: it only takes up 4 to 15 days as adult. Fly with shortest lifespan is midges with 3 to 12 days and dobson fly with 3 to 10 days. The longest lifespan belongs to deer fly with 30 to 60 days, which same with horse fly.

The House Fly Lives

Usually, people don’t like when house fly lives around them. Especially if they stuck in their bathroom area or around their foods. Although fly seems unforgettable species but actually it will be a great information to know how house fly lives:

–       Commonly, house fly can live for 15 to 60 days, with a food availability and temperature as its growth factor. But to mention total lifespan of house fly from larva to adult phase, we can say that house fly survives 21 to 117 days.

–       There are 4 stages in lifespan of house fly, it starts with egg to larva phase and then it turns to pupa before the last stage comes as adult house fly.

–       How cold or warm a temperature can decide the growth of one house fly. For example, warmer temperature can make a larva survive 4 days before it turns to adult phase. But in the other hand, colder temperature can take longer growth for a larva: it can take 30 days only to grow into adult house fly.

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So, based from our information above, we totally sure now you know and understand deeply about How long does a house fly live.