How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae?

July 12, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are animals that belong to pests that have different sizes and colors. However, in general this carpet beetle resembles a regular beetle with black, brown, or white. Length of adult carpet beetle can reach 2 to 3 mm. Actually adult carpet beetles tend to live outdoors and eat pollen and nectar. However, carpet beetles will invade into your home when winter has come. They will move from outside the house into your home to seek warmth. When carpet beetles are inside your house, they can breed by producing about 40 eggs in the carpet or curtains. This is because they love living in a dark and warm area.

Carpet Beetles Live Period

Eggs from carpet beetles will become larvae over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Cycle of this carpet beetle has a defense mechanism built to fight treatment. Adult carpet larvae and beetles are easily killed, but eggs and pupae are not. This condition makes you have to pay more attention to the state of your home. You have to take care at least one month one time in three months in a row.

Carpet beetles tend to be active in small areas, but usually this carpet beetle is also present in some areas along the house. So you need to clean up the entire house area rather than passing the key area of ​​the carpet beetle dwelling. Because these carpet beetles also tend to be active in dark and hidden areas, although there are several types of carpet beetles that like light.

The larvae of these carpet beetles can damage your household furniture because they feed on natural fibers, such as; Carpets, clothes, wool, and other soft objects. It is certain that the damage caused by this carpet beetle pest is caused by the larvae. In fact, carpet beetle larvae will also eat certain herbs and grains in your kitchen. Carpet beetle larvae will leave a trail of brown color, which is a former skin after the carpet beetle larvae are changed skin.

Tips to Get Rid of Them

You should regularly clean the carpet you have. Although your carpet is a synthetic carpet. Actually, this carpet beetle does not liken goods made from synthetic materials. However, you should not ignore this condition. Because the cleanliness of your home is very important to be maintained. In addition, you also have to clean tapestries that use tones at home. To maintain the condition of carpets and rugs, you can provide a spray of chemicals to kill and clean the carpet beetle pest.

To clean the carpet and rug you can use a vacuum cleaner. Use a vacuum with a vacuum that has high strength and will not damage your carpet material. In addition, you should be careful in cleaning or emptying the vacuum cleaner because it is possible carpet beetle is still in living condition.

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You who have pets also have to clean up their residence regularly. If you use carpet as your pet’s base, then you should clean it by flicking it out so that carpet and egg beetle can fall. You also have to change the carpet regularly. In addition to this, you can work with your pet to live without using carpets. You should consider in removing and cleaning carpet beetles. You must start the action by cleaning all areas of your house before giving the carpet beetle spray killer spray.

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