How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetle on Pillow

August 6, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are animals found living on carpets of varying sizes, colors and shapes ranging from 2-3 mm. Carpet beetles tend to live outside the home. But by the summer the carpet beetle is very likely to enter the house and lay eggs on the carpet or in the curtains. Some types of carpet beetles are attracted to light and they are often found to be in windows or around plants and flowers. The carpet lice usually feed on the fibers of the clothes and leave the holes on. So, what if the carpet beetle also lives in the bed and pillow? How to get rid of carpet beetle in pillow? Here below you will find out more information about carpet beetle and how to get rid of them.

Always try to find natural remedies as a way to get rid of mattress or high fleas, especially when you are dealing with mattresses where the skin is in direct contact. Overcome height as soon as possible if you find it at home. Here are some ways to eradicate carpet beetle:

  1. Wash sheets, pillowcases and gloves, blankets, clothes, towels, dolls and other fabrics around the mattress with hot water, make sure each treatment label allows it. Hot water is one of the most powerful way to eliminating insect. Choose quality detergents that effectively kill bacteria and germs.
  2. Dry the laundry in a high-temperature dryer.  Carpet beetle is not heat resistant in the washer dryer. In addition to dry, bacteria and carpet beetle were resolved. If you do not have a drying machine, dry the laundry outside as the sun is blazing.
  3. Use the hot steam method to disinfect the beetle on the mattress. This insect cannot stand the heat temperature, therefore the steam is very efficient to eradicate this insect. Hot steam cleaning tool usually resembles a vacuum cleaner that can also be used to clean curtains, carpets, sofas, and others.
  4. Take advantage of mattress cover sheets. Carpet beetle can survive without eating for one year. With the use of mattress cover sheets, the insect is trapped inside and cannot find food. Also use a pillowcase for pillows and bolsters if necessary. Make sure you do not remove this coating sheath for at least one year. This way is efficient for eradicating their larvae that may be left behind and also preventing these insect bites when you sleep.
  5. Use a vacuum cleaner. If there is still a carpet beetle left in the corners of the mattress or furniture, remove it with the vacuum cleaner. Pair a small suction head to reach the corners of the mattress.

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Some of the above steps are the answer of “how to get rid of carpet beetle in pillow” and so does their larvae. So that they do not come back, always keep your house clean and take time to thoroughly clean up comprehensively even the smallest parts. Take your time especially during summer and autumn because the number of insects is increasing rapidly in both seasons.

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