5 Tips to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles inside the Car

July 17, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are animals that have different sizes, skin colors and wing functions. In fact, the type of food consumed by carpet beetle larvae and carpet beetles today is also different. For carpet beetle larvae this is a food that comes from animals, wool cloth, soft materials, non-synthetic rugs, and various hair, hair, and dead insects.

Carpet beetle will reside in the area of ​​non-synthetic carpet, curtains, even in your car. Because the condition of the car also almost resembles the condition of the house. Inside this car there is also a carpet that can be used to hide. In addition, on the sidelines of the seat can also be used by carpet beetles to hide. To overcome the invasion carpet beetle into the car you can follow some of the following tips:

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  1. You can use chemicals to overcome the carpet beetle’s defects. One example of chemicals that can be used is Bedlam Plus. This product is spherical and suitable for use to reach the narrow area and difficult to clean. This product is also practical to use and does not cause odor. Bedlam Plus can be used to kill carpet beetle larvae and adult carpet beetles. You can use this product for one month once. In addition, spray for two to three months in a row for full control and total cleaning.
  2. Perform a thorough inspection and cleaning thoroughly in every area of ​​your car. Do not forget the sidelines of the narrowest cars though. Because carpet beetles like dark and narrow places to settle. You should check the coatings, folds, carpet edges, car seats, car rugs, and other parts of the car with upholstery.
  3. Sprinkle boric acid or Diatomaceous earth on all the cloth and parts of the car that need to be cleaned. Leave the condition for one night. After that, the morning you just clean.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of your car effectively. Use of this vacuum to help clean carpet beetles that exist in every part of the car. Focus the cleansing using this vacuum area with lots of activity. Use a vacuum cleaner with high temperature. Because the steam produced from the vacuum temperature can kill carpet beetles in the car. Make sure you use vacuum steam to get the best results and to keep the furniture in your car. In cleaning using vacuum this steam can be added with vinegar as a chemical fluid replacement. This vinegar will also serve as a poison to carpet beetles and ensure the destruction of carpet beetle infestations in the car.
  5. The last tip is to use Essential oil beetle spray to wipe carpet beetles thoroughly. Make a spray using essential oils to clean carpet beetles from your car. One of the essential oils you can use is a cedar oil that works to get rid of carpet beetles naturally. In addition to cedar oil, you can also use clove oil or peppermint. The use of this oil can be adjusted with your olfactory levels and your sense of comfort against odors.

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