How To Get Rid Of Centipedes Inside House Without Chemicals

Have you ever been in the situation that you find the centipede in your house? It must be very scary to find such a little disgusting animal in your own house, the only thing that you have to do is never run when you find the centipede but kill it, because if you run away, the centipede will be gone and it would be a mystery about where is the centipede gone? It will be more dangerous when you cannot find the centipede but in the other sides you do realize that there is a centipede in your house, you will feel not safe, you have to try to find out about how to get rid of house centipedes without chemicals.

Get rid of centipedes in house naturally without chemicals

For you who want to learn how to kill and get rid of the centipede in your house, there are 2 ways that you can do as the best way to make them go away or to make them off once for all.

Using Salt

The first one is by using the common thing that you have always found out in your house every day. Using the salt is being the best way ever to be used to prevent the centipede is coming inside of your house, if you think that the condition of your house has a possibility to be disturbed by the centipedes, pour the salt n every areas of your house in order to do some prevention before it is too late that the centipedes are already coming around of your house which is more scary that you don’t know where the centipedes are but you know one thing that the centipedes are somewhere around in your house.

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Using Pandan Leaves

If you are thinking to get rid of the centipedes by using the chemicals, it will absolutely work, but it is very hard to find the chemical to kill the centipedes, and it will also wasting your time to search the chemicals. It would be better if you use the easiest way to answer the question such as how to get rid of house centipedes easily without chemicals. For instance, by using the Pandan leaves, the first thing that you have to do with this pandan leaves is slicing the leaves softly, slice more the leaves until the aroma of the leaves is stronger when you have done on doing all that stuff, put the sliced leaves into the bowl and put the bowl now in the area that is considered as the base place of the centipedes. The characteristic aroma of the pandan leaves will not make the centipedes comfort to be around, so that they will get off the place and they will be far away from your house. The last easiest way that you can use is by using the camphor, this is the easiest way that you can do by just put the camphor in the place that you think the centipede is over there. That’s all the answer for how to get rid of house centipedes without chemicals.