Top 6 The Best Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

How to get rid of fruit flies? Even though fruit flies are not dangerous animals, we could understand that their presence could be troublesome. The very annoying moment of fruit flies is when they gather around, buzzing here and there and stay inside the house for a long time. On this occasion, we would like to tell you one best method you could try to get rid of them. It uses the bowl trap and of course, it is very easy to do.

First step

This work of this method is actually trying to lure the flies. This trap makes use of a small opening but provide a difficult exit for the fruit flies to run away. To make this trap, first prepare a large bowl, plastic wrap, fork or toothpick, as well as any thing you could use as the bait. A sweet liquid is a better choice to go.

Second step

Place the bait under the bowl. This trap would work well when you put many amount of baits, so that it could attract more fruit flies. Make at least an inch of the liquid spread over the bottom of your bowl.  However, if you do not have any liquid, you could use many others baits. The first is skinless fruit, for example orange or even banana. Put them together with a little balsamic vinegar. The second one is a combination between coriander seeds and white wine. Do not forget to add some drops of white wine vinegar. Last, you could use honey, balsamic vinegar and sugar. Mix them altogether.

Third step

Use the plastic wrap to cover the bowl. Make sure you make it tight. It will be better if you use the large sheet of plastic wrap, so that you could cover the bowl completely at once.

Fourth step

Poke many holes by using the fork. Make the holes spread thoroughly. Do not make a big hole since the fruit flies could use it as their exit. If you could not make a small hole with fork, try to use the toothpick.

Fifth step

If you have made numerous holes, you could put this trap into the place where you often see the fruit flies. Let the trap sit still for a night. On the following day, you would see some fruit flies trapped inside the plastic wrap. They might feel happy to enjoy the baits without knowing that they are actually trapped.

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Sixth step

To get rid of the fruit flies, you could pour a mix of warm water and dish soap by opening enough hole of the plastic wrap. The soap on this mix would reduce the surface tension of the water. As a result, the fruit flies will drown. Wait for some minutes until all of the fruit flies died. Make sure that you do it outside your house to lessen the possibility of fruit flies that could escape then bother you again. You could repeat this method again until there are no more fruit flies in your house. That are all steps on how to get rid of fruit flies.