2 Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice without Traps

August 19, 2017 | Mice

How to get rid of mice without traps? Actually there are many other methods you could use besides placing traps. Some people might choose poison, but actually, it is not the recommended way to get rid of mice. Poison might claim to successfully kill mice because it could cause blood clot that kill mice slowly. However, the use of poison brings the same danger to your pet and children as well. Therefore, this article will suggest you a more safe way to overcome the presence of mice in your house.

Use the nice smell of peppermint

As we know, peppermint has a unique smell that gives a relaxing feeling that is refreshing and pleasant. On the other hand, mice have an acute sense of smell. As a result, they would feel overwhelming when they smell peppermint around them. If you are interested to use this ingredient, then you need cotton balls to succeed this method. First, pour some drops of peppermint essential oil to the cotton ball. 20 until 30 drops of it are enough. Place the cotton balls in some suspicious place in your house. The smell will work well for around a week. When you feel that the smell is fading, you could replace the cotton ball and place the new one with peppermint essential oil. By doing this way there will no mice could stay in your house.

Make your own spray to get rid of them

What you need to make this spray are a half cup of chopped habaneros, 16 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes, 2 gallon bucket, spray bottle. When you want to apply this spray, you might need cheesecloth, gloves and goggles as well. How does this spray work? Since it made of entirely hot pepper, you will make use the close distance having by the mice with the floor or any surface they often run through. If you spray the mix of these ingredients in those places, mice would be irritated and have uncomfortable feeling to continue their journey in exploring your house. For your information, habanero pepper has scoville rating as much as 100000 until 350000 units. It is much higher, compared to the cayenne pepper that only has 30000 until 50000 units.

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If you are interested to make this spray, then you need to boil water first. After that, blend the habanero peppers in it. It would be less irritating if you use food processor during the blending process. After that, let the mixture to cool down and wait for about 24 hour. Pour it to your spray and spread the mixture to any places you thought as the entrance of the mice. It is important not to use this spray on your carpet because it may change the color of the carpet. You could apply this spray outside as frequently as possible. However, if you apply it inside, you need to wait for one or two days to wipe the old spray before reapplying the new one. Indeed, this is one best way on how to get rid of mice without traps.

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