Top 4 Easy Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

September 7, 2017 | Mosquitoes

You might not even recognize when mosquito biting you. But, these small insects will leave you with itchy and nasty bump behind, even for the days after the fact as well. You might think that you prefer get best cream for mosquito bites, however they are many things which were already lying around your house that can help you relieve this nasty bump. Most of bites were harmless. You should know that mosquitoes bite you because they were attracted toward human blood. The bite which might not occur until several hours later and creating a bump which is typically itchy, swollen and sore as well. However, only female mosquitoes bite human. They were attracted to body sweat, odor and lactic acid. It will take around 6 seconds for mosquito to bite you. There is possibility that mosquito also bring several diseases, although the like hood of getting infected by mosquito also depending on where you live.

So, here several easy ways to relieve the mosquito bites

Using oatmeal

Did you know that one remedy for this uncomfortable mosquito bite might place in your kitchen cabinet? Yes, oatmeal can relieve this itching and swelling because it contains of certain substance which have anti irritant agent. You can make oatmeal paste by mixing the oatmeal with water in a bowl. Then you can spoon some paste into washcloth and hold it, next paste side down to the affected skin around 10 minutes. After that, you can rinse with water. If you have many bites in your body, you can try the oatmeal bath instead. You can pour a cup of oatmeal in you bathup with full of warm water.

Relieve with crushed ice

You might not know that cold temperature can reduce the inflammation, the cold also can num the skin that can give you with immediate or short term relief. You can use the cold pack or the bag filled with the crushed ice that can relive the itchy. However, do not leave it too long because can harm the skin, or you can use the barrier between your skin and ice.

Baking soda

As we know that baking soda has many benefits and you can find in each kitchen. Baking soda can be used for anything, such as: baking the bread until cleaning your drains as well. you can use baking soda similar with oatmeal paste manner.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also has many benefits that we already known. There are many evidences that Aloe Vera has potential use as the treatment for constipation, psoriasis, herpes and more. The gel also has anti inflammation agent that can help to relieve the minor wound or calm infection, of course you can use to heal the mosquito bite. You can use gel or cream product from Aloe Vera that can be best cream for mosquito bites. Then you can apply this gel or cream product into affected area. You can see on other sources to know several products for best cream for mosquito bites.

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