Are Horse Flies Attracted to Water? Facts About Horse Flies

November 8, 2017 | Flies

Are horse flies attracted to water? Sometime, you may want to know about it. We usually see horse flies in various flies, even in the food or drink. It makes us feel so annoying because finding horse flies on food or drink is so disgusting. Not only that, horse flies can also carry diseases. Are horse flies attracted to water? How to get rid of it? Find the answer by reading some information below.

Horse Flies and Water

As mentioned above, horse flies will carry diseases. Horse flies are the type of fly that is easily attracted to various things, such as food, moist environment, dirty environment, and many more. When they move from dirty environment to your food, it means your food has been contaminated by horse flies. What will happen after that? After that, you may be in danger.

Like other flies, horse flies can also transfer their eggs to drink or foods. If you accidently swallow horse flies eggs, it make your stomach become the place of fly eggs to live and survive. They will hatch, and then eat the nutrition of food you have swallowed. It means you will not get good nutrition from your food because the nutrition has been eaten by fly eggs.

About horse flies and water, actually horse flies attracted to water. They usually like to fly or stay near water. Not only that, they usually stay in the thing that contains water. Be careful if you find horse flies around you. If they contaminate water in your home, it will make the water contains horse flies eggs. When it happens, you may swallow eggs accidently.

How to Get Rid of Horse Flies

After reading some information above, we can conclude that horse flies attracted to water. So, we have to make sure that there is no horse fly around us that will contaminate our water. There are some tips to get rid of horse flies, such as:

  • Clean floor perfectly. As we know that horse flies can be around us. When they fly, they may fall their eggs in our environment, such as floor. To avoid bad effect of horse flies eggs, we can clean the floor perfectly. So, we will be safe whenever we play on the floor.
  • Wash tableware and cookware before you use it. It will also avoid you from horse flies egg. Remember that horse flies will not only fall or transfer their eggs to your tool, but they will also fall or place bacteria. When they move from dirty place to your home, their body and foots contain bacteria. The bacteria can cause typhus, diarrhea, TBC, and many more.
  • Close your food container and bin rubbish. Food and rubbish will attract horse flies to come. When you close them perfectly, horse flies will not enter your home.

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Well, those are some information for you about horse flies and the tips to avoid it. From the explanation above, we can conclude that horse flies attracted to water. We can do simple steps to get rid of it. Finally, hopefully the information about are horse flies attracted to water above will give you some reference about horse flies.

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