Mouse Facts: How many Babies do Mice Have?

August 9, 2017 | Mice

How many babies do mice have? The number is varied but a mouse can give birth to more than three little mice at once. And if the rodents give birth in your house then it can be a serious problem. They are not only loading your house with many filthy things, but also bring disease in your house. And through this article, I will give you a lot of facts about mouse that you probably never heard of. Keep reading!

When does the mating begin?

Of course you will need a female and a male mouse in your house. Basically, the female mouse can be pregnant when they are four weeks old. But in some cases, they will need six until eight weeks to begin the ovulating stage. If the pair can mate successfully, you will need to wait until three weeks until the period of gestation can be completed. You will see that the mother will give birth to at least five little mice up to seven. In several cases, the number can be as many as twice from the initial number. What do you think?

What might keep the numbers down?

There are several reasons that make the number of little mice get down. It can be due to the environmental factors, lack of the sufficient shelters, as well as the foods. Some mothers will kill the little mice that have poor health by eating them. The eating-the-child will also happen if the mother is in stressful situation.

If the father also lives with them, he will make sure that the children are his. They tend to survive based on the species rather than the individual matter. So, if a mouse father knows that the children are not from his genes, he will kill or eat those little mice. Some of the males also do not want to wait until the babies are born. The female should abort the pregnancy eventually.

What might keep the numbers climb up?

Well, even though there are several factors that make the numbers of them down, there are still several things that make their numbers goes up too. There are many mice that can survive in your house. A mouse can stay alive for about one year in the wild environment. But if they stay in the comfort place in your house, they can live twice longer. The other important information is they will breed during spring and fall when they are in the wild. But if they live in your house, they can breed all year long.

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Act fast

So, now you know that mice can make great numbers of company in your house. It is important to act fast before they take over your house. There are many types of mousetraps or you can also go with poison. But still, extermination will be the best way to make them away and cleanse out the left out things that may make them come back in the future. So, how many babies do mice have?

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