How Often Do Mice Have Babies? Mice Reproduction Period

August 18, 2017 | Mice

How often do mice have babies? How many baby mice come in a litter? When did mature mice start mating? These types of question perhaps often come and go in many people’s head. If you are included in this group as well, then you have just come to the right page. If you finish reading this article, you will get the answer of those kinds of question. Moreover, you will know other surprising facts about mice. What are they? Let’s dig in.

All you should know about mice and their baby

Mice included in a mammal group that has a very fast period of development. This fact becomes one of the reasons why mice used as a subject in the laboratory test besides the human homologs gen having by this animal. After mice were born, the female mice only need 6 weeks, until 8 weeks at last, to reach the sexual maturity level. On the fourth week, the female mice are often able to conceive. When it comes the sixth (sometimes up to eight) weeks, the female mice start the ovulation process. After that, the gestation period will take 19 and 21 days more or less. This quick generation also makes mice become the most common pest find in almost every house. As stated by the University of Michigan, a female mouse could give birth for about four up to eight litters in every year. In each litter, commonly there are about five until seven pups.

Other facts of mice

Mice also included as animal that has a very competitive life right after they were born. A mother mice could eat the young mice that she thought has no potential to live. By eating those young mice, the mother could gain useful calorie that would allow her to be ready for another pregnancy. Besides, it also lessens the food competition between others more healthy mice, which certainly have higher potency to live.

When the unhealthy mice already eaten it does not mean that the other mice could celebrate their success to live. The father mice thought of the surviving of his genes very seriously. If he suspect the litter from his mate is not from his gen, then he would kill them right away.

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Surprising number in a short period

An average lifespan for mice is about one year if they lived outside, in the wild. In other words, they could live twice longer if they live in a comfort place inside the slight spots in your house. Mice that live in the wild usually have a mating season during spring and fall as well. On the other hand, mice that creep to your house do not care about any mating season. They would continue to breed as long as their life is not threatened. If you underestimate two mice that you see on the attic, you might have made a very big mistake. They only need two years to produce ten litters; it means there are about sixty mice running around your attic happily. We hope this brief explanation is enough to answer the question of how often do mice have babies.

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