How to find termites in your house

May 16, 2016 | Termite Signs & Symptoms

Termites can build their colonies in the interior and exterior of your home. The main way to find these termites is by examining the wooden structures around your home. For example, drywood termites feed on wood and build their colonies within that wood. As they eat through wood, they create tunnels and mazes in it that end up serving as colonies. The easiest way for a person to spot signs of termites is by examining the ceilings, walls and floors of their home. If any of these areas look like they are sagging or have pieces missing then this is likely a sign of termite damage. Termites will also leave small bits of feces in areas where they have nested and fed. These feces will look like a pile of small pellets. And if you had winged termites in your home, they will end up shedding their wings after they swarm. So you should come across piles of their small wings around your home. The wings will look like tiny fish scales. With all of these signs of termites, you will be able to trace them back to their colonies and then destroy them.

how to find termites in your house

Aside for drywood termites, you will also have to locate subterranean termites. Their colonies are a bit harder to locate because they build them underneath the ground. The only time they travel above ground is to eat food. If the foundation of your home has any unsealed areas or cracks in it, these subterranean termites will be able to get into your home through this faulty foundation. The way to spot these termites is to look for the mud tunnels they construct near the foundation of your home. These tunnels, along with saliva and feces, will travel from the ground right up the foundation and into your home. Once you spot these mud tunnels, you will know right away it is a termite infestation because there are no other pests which produce noticeable tunnels quite like these on the foundation of your home.

After you spot the termites, you can apply the appropriate treatment to get rid of them. This could include termite bait to kill them or termiticide to create a chemical barrier around your home. But if you really want to ensure the safety of your home then you should call a pest control technician to inspect your home and make sure that all of the termites have been eradicated.

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