How to Get Rid of Maggots on Kitchen Floor, Carpet and Garage

August 25, 2018 | Maggots

We see flies all around us. They fly onto food, feces, and any other organic matter which is appetizing to them. What a lot of people don’t realize is flies go through a lifecycle that is similar to butterflies and other flying insects. When they are in their larval stage of life, flies are not even airborne yet. They are merely maggots that crawl on the ground. This means that maggots are the larvae of what eventually becomes house flies.

Maggot infestations in your home are the result of flies laying eggs in there. The location of these eggs will be wherever food is present. Sometimes the eggs are laid near food while other eggs are actually laid on the food itself. For instance, if you leave pet food out for too long, flies will lay their eggs in it. If your pet defecates on the floor and you don’t clean it up, the flies will lay their eggs in the feces. Maggots need to eat constantly, so this helps them have food readily available to them as soon as they hatch from their eggs.

On the Kitchen Floor

Maggots love to inhabit dirty places, especially areas which might have food particles around. This makes the kitchen floor an attractive place for maggots to go. If you want to kill the maggots on the kitchen floor, you need to be careful. You can’t just use pesticides because they are loaded with toxic chemicals. Since the kitchen is a place where you cook food, it is not a good idea to expose it too these chemicals. Therefore, you will need to use a natural approach.

Maggots are usually found together in groups. You could take some boiling water and pour it on the herd of maggots to kill them. Another way is to scoop up all the maggots and put them into a zip-lock plastic bag. Place the bag in the freezer and let the cold air kill them. If this seems too extreme, try something simpler like essential oils. A flowery aroma will repel maggots away. Make an essential oil solution which consists of orange oil or lavender oil. Spray it on your kitchen floor to repel them away.

On the Carpet

If maggots are on your carpet, then flies have probably laid eggs below the upper fibers of the carpet. Perhaps you spilled food on your carpet and did not clean it up good enough. If enough food particles build on the bottom surface of the carpet, they will attract flies that will lay their eggs there. Then you will have an infestation of maggots right out of the blue.

Before you try getting rid of the maggots on your carpet, you need to be careful. If you use strong chemical-based maggot killing solutions, like hydrogen peroxide or bleach, they can ruin your carpet permanently. A better chemical to use on your carpet is boric acid. This should be followed by a thorough vacuuming job on your entire carpet. Once the maggots are gone, remember to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to keep them out. Also, if you ever drop food on the carpet, clean that area thoroughly. You may even want to steam clean your carpets every month just to be extra safe.

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On the Garage

People open their garage doors all the time, exposing it to the outside creatures and insects. It is only natural that flies will find their way into your garage and lay eggs there. The good news is that you can freely use more chemical-based pesticides in your garage because it is easier to air it out afterward. One such pesticide ingredient that is used for killing maggots is called permethrin. You can also use an aerosol pesticide spray as well. If you want to try a home remedy, get a bowl and mix hot water and motor oil in it. Pour the solution onto the herd of maggots and watch them die fast.

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