How to Kill Mosquitoes in Water? Do These Simple Steps

September 20, 2017 | Mosquitoes

How to kill mosquitoes in water? Mosquitoes can get food from plant or fruit nectar but mosquitoes still bite you. Mosquitoes require proteins in your blood to make the mosquito eggs grow quickly. Mosquitoes have hundreds of eggs so the mosquitoes need protein. Female mosquitoes have only a life cycle of eight weeks but the mosquitoes can lay three eggs. You must eradicate all the mosquito larvae. Female mosquitoes will look for stagnant water to lay their eggs. The easiest thing is to throw away all the stagnant water around your house. The larval phase is the easiest stage to kill all the mosquitoes. You must act quickly because the larvae can turn into mosquitoes in just 10 days. You should try the steps below to root mosquito larvae.

Mosquito Dunks

This method can kill mosquitoes quickly and effectively. Dunks have a donut-like shape. This is bacterium that can only be used to eradicate mosquitoes. It is an active ingredient that does not contain toxins. Other animals can drink the water. Dunks can kill the larvae in just a few hours. You should keep using this method for 30 days to prevent other mosquitoes from producing larvae in the water. The price of mosquito repellent is very affordable.

Mosquito Bits

This product is same with mosquito dunk. These are bacteria that contain toxins for mosquito larvae but they are harmless to other animals. The difference between these two products is the shape of the product. Bits have a shape like a small pellet so you can put this product in a smaller part than other areas. There are mosquitoes that lay their eggs in swamps and narrow areas so the dunk cannot reach the area. You can sprinkle a spoon of Bits for a pool of water that is around your house. All water surfaces should get bits to make the mosquito larvae die quickly.


You can use chlorine bleach to kill mosquitoes. This product can kill mosquito larvae three times faster than other products. This product can act as a pesticide. You should use bleach with 5.25% hypochlorite content. Bleach can kill fungi, bacteria and mosquito larvae but bleach contains chemicals that are harmful to wildlife. You must make sure that your pet does not drink the water. Bleach can be used to eradicate mosquitoes in the pond but you should choose a safe alternative to kill the mosquito so your pet does not die. You must empty the pool and spray the pool with the bleach solution once a week. This will make the pool a dangerous environment for mosquitoes.

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It is an environmentally friendly way. Cinnamon has a delicious aroma. Cinnamon is not harmful to other animals. You can use this plant as a lotion. You can apply cinnamon to your body and mosquitoes will stay away from your body. You can put cinnamon into a puddle. Cinnamon can work effectively to kill the larvae of the mosquito. This method is much longer than using bleach but this is a safe way. That’s the explanation of how to kill mosquitoes in water.

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