How to Kill Termites in Wall (Proven and Best Ways)

May 23, 2016 | Termite Treatments

Termite inside wall

Termites don’t just exist on the outside of your home. If the siding or foundation on your home’s exterior is not tightly secured, then termites will be able to find an entry way inside the walls of your home. These entryways could be tiny cracks or deteriorated areas that have been left unrepaired. Since termites are small, they can easily fit through these cracks. Once they get inside your home, they will eat the wooden materials within your walls and ultimately ruin the structure of the home.

If you suspect that you have termites inside your walls, you first have to locate the area in which you think they are. You can figure this out by tapping on the walls of your home. If the a part of the wall sounds hollow after you tap on it, then this is likely a sign that termites have eaten away parts of the wooden interior of your wall. There may even be mud tubes on the inside of your home that go into the walls. This is a clear indicator that you have termites inside your walls.  Sometimes you may even see substances on the wall that look like mud. If termites end up making a hole in the wall, they will try to cover their tracks by covering the hole with feces and mud. So if either of these two signs is present then you know where the termites are located. The next step is to destroy them.

What you will need is an electric driller, face mask, a termite sprayer and the termite repellent solution. The termite sprayer is specifically made for killing termites inside of walls. It looks like an ordinary spray bottle, but instead of just spraying out the top it has a tube extension from the sprayer with a narrow head on the end. This end portion is small enough to fit inside the hole you will be drilling into the wall. You can purchase these termite sprayers at most home improvement stores. You will also have to purchase a termiticide that will repel and kill the termites. One popular termiticide is called Bora-Care but you can use any termiticide that you want. In most cases, the termiticide will already come inside of the sprayer that you purchase.

So now you are ready to put on your face mask. Then take your drill and drill a hole in the center of the hollowest point on the wall. Fill the termite sprayer up with the termiticide and then put the end of the sprayer tube’s head into this hole. Now spray the termiticide into the hole. You should be able to lock the spraying mechanism so you don’t have to manually hold down the top. Let the sprayer keep spraying until all of the termiticide is out of the bottle. The reason you want to wait is because the termiticide is poisonous to people. You don’t want any of the solution getting on the floor or accidently in your food or water. If you were to pull the tube out early then it would spray everywhere. Therefore, let the bottle spray until it is empty. After that, place the bottle in a plastic bag and seal the bag tightly. Then take some spackling paste and patch up the hole in your wall with it.

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