How to protect wood from termites naturally

May 17, 2016 | Termite Treatments

Protect wood from termites naturally

If you don’t like the idea of using chemically formulated termiticides then there are natural solutions you can use on wood to protect it from termites. One popular environmentally friendly way to protect wood is by giving it a botanical treatment. This would be a treatment that uses some type of plant oil that naturally wards off termites. Orange oil would be one example of this because it contains a hydrocarbon active compound called “d-limonene” which has the ability to kill drywood termites as soon as they make contact with it. So not only can you apply this to wood to protect it, but you can also apply the orange oil to the termite colonies and ultimately destroy all of the termites that reside there. Another botanical treatment that is effective is Neem oil, which comes from the Neem trees of Asia. This oil must be applied to the wood that termites will likely feast on. Once the termites ingest this oil, it will slowly kill them from the inside.

Another natural way to destroy termites and protect your wood is to send out microscopic predators into the ground to locate the termite colonies and eat termite eggs. There are simple worms called nematodes that live in the soil of the ground and feast on termite eggs. Sometimes these worms may already exist in the ground around your home, but if you have a termite problem then chances are they don’t. So what you can do is purchase these nematodes from virtually any home improvement store and then apply them to the soil around your home which contains subterranean termites. Don’t worry because these nematodes are perfectly harmless to humans and pets. Once the nematodes are in the soil, they will find their way to the colonies under the ground and eat the eggs. This will reduce the termite reproduction and ultimately destroy them in the long run.

For those who have a huge problem with drywood termites and don’t want to use oils, you can use hot and cold temperatures to kill them. This method is highly unorthodox and should only be used in emergencies only. The idea is that you first remove all of the furnishings and property from the area where the infestation exists. After that, you will either increase the heat of that room to 120°F or make the room colder at about 15°F. Both of these extremely hot and cold temperatures will kill drywood termites quickly. However, this method is not a long term solution so only use it if you have no other choice.

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