How to Identify Carpet Beetles Correctly

July 25, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Finding the info about how to identify carpet beetles is completely important since it will affect much to deal with the effective solution in getting rid the carpet beetles. That is because there are so many kinds of the carpet beetles which we will be able to find. By getting the right identification of the carpet beetles, we will select the right implementation in eliminating the carpet beetle effectively. That is why before we go to get rid the carpet beetles, there will always be suggested to do the identification process in dealing with the type of the carpet beetles. Sure, finding the carpet beetles inside your home can be totally frustrating because it may affect various bad things including the damages of your stuff and clothing including the carpet. That will also make you and your family feel uncomfortable since the carpet beetles may also cause the itchy and redness on your skin. It may be really worse if you have a sensitive skin or you have baby or kid at home. That is the reason why you have to find much more information related to the carpet beetles. As mentioned previously, before we try to get rid of the carpet beetles, it is important to identify them first properly yet correctly. That will help us to know about what kind of carpet beetles they are and how to eliminate them properly yet correctly. It would not be that difficult if we can identify them well.

Common Physical Looks of the Carpet Beetles

However, commonly most of the adult carpet beetles types have the oval shape with the colour of black and white and sometimes yellow. The orange patterns are also often seen. The adult ones commonly grow with the length up to about one to four millimetres. The larva of the carpet beetle is commonly with the oval or carrot shapes with the brown colour or the striped brown-white or even yellow-brown. The larvae are commonly in the length size of about four to five millimetres. Then, the larvae commonly have such the coarse hair located on their back. Then, for the eggs of the carpet beetles, typically have the white or a bit cream tone with the oval shape. At the end of the egg, there are also the projections at one end which are like spine. The size of eggs is commonly about 0.25-0.50 mm.

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Common Types of Carpet Beetles

There are so many types of carpet beetles which can be found. One of the common types is the attagenus unicolor or black carpet beetle. That has the shiny black tone with oval shape. The next common type is Anthrenus Verbasci or called Varied carpet beetles. That has the round shape with the length about 0.25-50mm length. The colour of the adult body is commonly in gray tone with the mixture of brown, white, and yellow with the irregular cross bands in black. The next common type of the carpet beetles is Anthrenus Flavipes or called as furniture carpet beetles. They have the oval shape with the yellow spots and also the black and white scales. They are the common types of the carpet beetles which you need to notice on how to identify carpet beetles.

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