The Interaction Effects between Carpet Beetles and Humans

July 26, 2017 | Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are pests that can live in various environments. However, a low-humidity area become the best place for them to lay their eggs. That is why, it is not surprising if most types of carpet beetles can be easily found in Northern United States, Canada, and Europe. There are at least three types of carpet beetles, they are:

  1. Varied carpet beetle
  2. Anthrenus Flavipes : furniture carpet beetle
  3. Attagenus Unicolor : black carpet beetle

The presence of these beetles can cause some problems to humans, like the damage of some stuffs, or even the itchy sensation on the irritated skin. How can the beetles make our skin get irritated?

Interaction with humans

  1. A domestic pest
  2. Verbasci is a carpet beetle larva which is common to be found in the household. Adult beetles will commonly lay their eggs in dark areas such as under your furniture or baseboards, inside your closets, and inside the air ducts. The larva will keep hiding in that place and eating any organic materials available until they grow into adult beetles. Therefore, you find your items (e.g.: clothes, furnitures, carpets, etc.) damage, they are more than likely the culprits. Besides, your musical instruments that are made of wood and has been stored for a long time also become their favorite place
  3. A museum pest

Museum’s collections such as animals, insects, wooden materials, attract A. Verbasci to live in and become the museum’s best. There are at least five museums in Britain reporting that A. Verbasci is the major biological collection’s best. There are more than just a few beetles in sparrows’ and wagtails’ nests. It seems that the pests can freely enter the museums through windows or roof spaces.

How to Prevent the Infestations?

Using a vacuum cleaner to remove both the adults and their larva can be one of the best ways to prevent the beetle infestations. The other ways to prevent it can be used naphthalene balls, airing clothes outside, or removing the bird’s and insect’s nests being attached to the building. How could we know that the beetle infestations are happening? You can recognize it by checking whether or not there are moulted larval skins, especially in some dark areas, damaged paper, and adult beetles near your windows. You can also use oxygen deprivation, insecticides, freezing scent traps, and pheromones catch, get rid of, or kill the pests.

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Carpet Beetle Infestation Effects to the Humans

It is so true that carpet beetles grow from egg, larva, pupa, and has finally become an adult, which is called as a complete metamorphosis. In a single year, except the varied and black ones, most carpet beetles are able to develop up to four generations. The cycle begins when a female beetle lay around a hundred eggs. They usually lay eggs on the bird’s, the mice’s, and insect nests, and in the dark areas in your house. The larva will be hatched after around a week to a month, and they will eat natural materials like fur, silk, feathers, and wool. Some carpet beetles, larva have sharp clumps of hair which can cause the irritation on a sensitive skin. People usually misunderstand it as the effect of beetle’s bite or eggs. Their bits of hair can cause an allergic reaction to the sensitive skin, especially that of the children’s and baby’s’.

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