Do Mosquitoes Carry Lyme Disease?

October 4, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Do mosquitoes carry lyme disease? This question perhaps ever buzzing in your head when you realize something different after you got a mosquito bite, which is very different with the usual one. To be blunt, there are many answers from many sides or cases for this question. This article will try to explain it in the simplest way so that you could easily get the point.

Lyme disease and mosquitoes

People knew about Lyme disease around 1977 for the first time. They found that many people, mostly children, in the area of Lyme, Connecticut, have the same cases like arthritis. A research done to know what was it actually. The result showed that this disease caused by certain bacteria. These bacteria are actually come from animal as its nature. It could affect human because it transmitted through tick bites.

However, many result show that, nowadays there are much more way for this bacteria to get into the human body. The cause of this transmission could be by the bite of insects that suck human blood. Some insect with scientific support through research that believed to have the ability are mosquitoes, mites, flies as well as fleas. Another study showed that a direct contact with bodily fluids, such as urine, from the infected person could transmit the Lyme disease to the health person as well. A transmission because of blood, tissue or even organ donation also has a very high possibility.

The symptoms of Lyme disease

First, an infected person would have a small red rash. After that, he or she would have a fever, headache or even fatigue. Not long after that, the aches in the muscles or joints will follow as well. The incubation time for this disease is actually for about seven until fourteen days. However, the symptoms could occur, in the fastest case, three days after the transmission. In other cases, the symptoms even show up after the 30 days of the transmission. However, there is a high possibility that many people are not aware of these symptoms since it is so general and make them think it just the symptom of another less threatening illness.

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The truth is, when the bacteria already transmitted to human body, they could get into the nervous system if the infected person did not do any action immediately. This condition will eventually lead to another disease such as meningitis as well as palsy. On the other hand, when the bacteria get into the musculoskeletal system, it will cause a severe pain of the joints and muscle. In some rare cases, the bacteria could even get into the heart. When they are in this situation, the infected person might have many kinds of blockages. Therefore, it is not good to underestimate any different condition of your body. When you realized that you feel one or more of the Lyme symptoms, you had better go the doctor to have a diagnose process. we hope it is enough to answer your curiosity of do mosquitoes carry lyme disease or not.

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