Tips to Identify and Get Rid of Mice Inside the Walls

August 26, 2017 | Mice

How to identify and get rid of mice inside the walls? Well, that is a problem faced by almost every home owner. Mice are annoying kind of pest. They left droppings everywhere, they ruin things, and they often steal foods as well. Most mice in the house live inside the walls. You do not have to get surprised of how the mice getting inside the walls. They are sneaky. A coin-sized hole is all they need to get into a house. That is why you really need to know how to identify and get rid of mice inside the walls. Some of the tips are down below:

  1. Identifying Mice in the Walls

You can identify the existence of mice in the walls by paying attention to the sounds of running mice along the drywall. Usually, mice use the same route every time they run. This is why you can hear the running sounds multiple times, over and over again. They are fast. This is why it is impossible for you to see the mice running inside the wall, even when you look closely. However, once you crack open the wall, you will surely find their nests and droppings inside the wall. Those evidences are surely convincing that there are mice living inside the wall.

  1. Get Rid of Mice Inside the Wall

There are several ways to get the mice out of the walls. The first thing that you can try is by using moth balls. These fragrant balls are very annoying to mice due to its sharp smell. The smell is good for us human but very torturing for mice. The moth balls are going to cause dizziness to the mice and force them to get out from the wall. If they dare to touch, lick, or eat the moth balls, they will be poisoned easily. Find small openings on the wall or small holes on the wall. Use the holes to throw some moth balls along the wall. It will surely drive the mice out of the wall. The next method that you can try is by placing mouse trap along the edges of the wall. Mice tend to run on the edges of the wall. Place the mouse trap with the right bait so that the mice will get attracted to the trap. The next method to use is by spraying mice repellent spray inside the wall. However, be careful in using this method because mice can get easily killed inside the wall. If it happens, you really need to get rid of the dead mice as soon as possible to avoid rotten smell filling your entire house.

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Those are several ways that you can try to get rid of mice that live inside your wall. In order to keep your house clean from mice, make sure you keep everything neat and tidy. Clean up your house frequently to avoid any unused things piling up and getting used by the mice to build nest. Knowing how to identify and get rid of mice inside the walls will be nothing if your house is a mess anyway.

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