Are Mosquito Bites Dangerous For Pregnant Women?

September 13, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are flying animal which is very annoying. Yup, they are like vampire – sucking blood. Moreover, they are considered as the bringer of virus and other infections. Not only that, this one of the most hated animals in this world will bother your sleeping time. However, have you ever heard that the mosquitoes like pregnant women? An expert has said that the pregnant women are more attractive to the mosquites. So, are mosquito bites dangerous in pregnancy? You can get the question below. Not only that, we will also share the tips about how to avoid the mosquito bites.

Why the mosquitoes are attracted to the pregnant women?

If you think that the mosquitoes are not attracted to the pregnant women, you may be wrong. In fact, the scientists have found that the women who get pregnant are more attractive than non pregnant women. Here, the pregnant women take more breaths. Which means, they release more carbon dioxide – which is carbon dioxide is the thing that the mosquitoes love. Besides, the evidence also shows that pregnant women exhale 21 percent of more air. Thereby, that things will be perfect combination that the mosquitoes like so much.

On the other hand, the pregnant women have higher body temperatures than non pregnant women. So, this is the other thing which will attract the mosquitoes – because this bloodsucker is heat seeking animal. Besides, the pregnant women release some volatile substances from their skin. Which means, it becomes another reason why the mosquitoes are not difficult to find them.

Can we use mosquito repellent or bug spray?

When you are pregnant, you may think that using a mosquito repellent or bug spray is dangerous. However, it is safe enough if you use this thing properly. Moreover, using this thing is the best way that you can do to prevent the mosquito bites. If you are still worried about the safety, you can choose the repellents which have been registered with the EPA or considered safe. There are two stuffs which are generally chosen or recommended by the doctors. You need to choose products which contain DEET and Picaridin. In addition, you can also have a consultation with the doctors about choosing the most suitable product for you.

Is there any tips for preventing the mosquito bites?

Yes, there are some tips which you can try to prevent the mosquito bites. Here, you can choose loose fitting clothes in order to reduce your body heat and make the mosquitoes difficult to suck your blood. If you are going to sleep, don’t forget to turn on your AC. In this case, you can also utilize the mosquito net. The next is, you can wear the loose fitting clothes to make your body heat becomes reduced. Besides, you can also wear camouflage clothes. This way will make the mosquitoes can’t recognize your body clearly. In addition, you can add the permethrin repellents onto your clothes.

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So, when there is a question like “are mosquito bites dangerous in pregnancy“, the answer is it depends on the situation and environment. Yet, if you have implemented the methods which have been written above, you don’t need to be worried about being sucked by the mosquitoes.

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