How Many Legs Does a Mosquito Have? Read this to know!

October 11, 2017 | Mosquitoes

For some people, mosquitoes are ordinary animals. But did you know that mosquitoes actually are one of the deadly animals. Mosquitoes can infect more than 100 people, if he carries a deadly disease, then he can harm the 100 people who have bitten it. In Africa, it has been reported by WHO that mosquitoes can kill 1 child with malaria every 45 seconds. Regarding mosquitoes, have you noticed the structure of his body in detail? How many wings did he have? How many legs does a mosquito have? Here below you will get the answer and find out more information about mosquitos.

Mosquito Body Structure

A mosquito is an insect that has two wings. Generally the mosquitoes we meet are small, their body no more than 15 mm. But there are mosquitoes that are four times larger than other mosquitoes. Usually they live in the forest. Mosquitoes have 6 legs. Mosquitoes reproduce by laying out larvae. Basically, mosquitoes suck human blood, especially female mosquitoes that suck blood in larger quantities because they need lots of protein to nourish their eggs. But there are also mosquitoes that do not suck human blood and suck nectar on flowers. This type of mosquito also has the largest size compared with other mosquitoes, they are a type of Toxorhynchites. Their larvae prey on other mosquito larvae if they are in the same puddle.

Small Dangerous Animals

Mosquitoes are not just annoying, but these small animals are also dangerous killers. With just one bite he can transmit the deadly disease. Eradication of mosquitoes is also not easy because it is easy to breed. You should know that with a small bite by mosquitoes can cause a great threat. Mosquitoes cause 40 percent of the world’s areas are at high risk of dengue fever. About 50-100 million people worldwide suffer from dengue fever each year. Although not always fatal, but this disease is one cause of child death in Latin America and Asia. Dengue fever can cause a person to experience dangerous bleeding. Unfortunately until now there has been no treatment and vaccine to prevent transmission of this disease.

Yellow fever (yellow fever) affects about 200,000 people annually and kills 30,000. The disease is transmitted due to mosquito bites and there is no cure. After some time of severe pain, most patients will recover but 15 percent of them enter the toxic phase, i.e. bleeding and failing organs. The case of yellow fever has increased rapidly since the 1980s due to decreased human immunity, deforestation, climate change, and increased human migration. Currently available this vaccine and some countries require travelers to enter the country after the injection of this vaccine.

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Based on the above facts we can answer the question “how many legs does a mosquito have?” They have six legs. In addition we also know the danger of mosquito danger, one small bite cause a big threat. So be careful with the mosquitoes around you, keep the surrounding environment clean and remove puddles around you.

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