Difference Between Mosquitoes and Crane Flies or Daddy Long Legs

September 9, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Of course, most people do not like these insects, especially mosquitoes. Remind with their annoying habit which can cause the itchy bite and left you with red bump. We all know that mosquitoes also able to transmit serious diseases, such as: malaria, dengue, yellow fever and west Nile virus. However, despite of fact that almost people in this universe has the close and private experience with mosquitoes and many people also cannot say the difference  between crane flies and mosquito. Just because they look like mosquitoes do not mean that they same species.

So lets take a look the differences between mosquitoes and crane flies:

Mosquito evolving in family culicidae

This is the mosquito. You should know that only female adult that biting human and they need blood to produce their viable eggs. The male mosquitoes were harmless to us and spend their time to suck nectar from the flowers, such as: butterflies ad bees as well. Actually, there also several female mosquitoes also sip the nectar, they only need blood when she producing the eggs. If there is an insects which looks like land on your arms then biting you, this is a good indication which show that its a mosquito. There are several ways to identify the mosquito without you need to endure their bite, so here these characteristics bellow:

  • The proboscis

Both of males and females were having the elongated proboscis that extends upward from their mouthparts.

  • Having the long wings

The mosquito’s wigs usually longer than their body.

  • Occur with humpback appearance

The mosquitoes hold their body from the substrate which they resting.

  • The fringed wings

The mosquito’s wings have the bear scales that create the fringed like border on the posterior edge as well.

Crane flies in tipulidae family

People often mistake that crane fly is the giant mosquitoes. There are many crane flies which have similar mosquitoes look, but they were completely harmless, just like the other midges, they also called as the crane flies for their very long legs, however, not all of the crane flies were giant. The crane flies were the delicate insects which have vary size. The largest crane flies also often known as the “daddy long legs” or “mosquito hawk”. There are several clues to tell the difference between crane flies and mosquito:

  • Long leg

Of course they typically have very long legs and slimmer than their body’s lengths.

  • Having smooth edged wings

Several with other midges, the crane flies do not have the fringed wings as the mosquitoes had.

  • Typically does not have proboscis

Most of crane flies do not have the proboscis, even those with the elongated mouthparts, they cannot bite as well.

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So, the characteristics above can lead you to tell difference between crane flies and mosquito. There are many myths were said that crane flies or daddy long legs are dangerous, the fact is they were completely harmless.

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