Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Light? Find The Answer Here

September 24, 2017 | Mosquitoes

When we are enjoying our night with family, we don’t want to be bothered by something’s annoying. What is it? It is flying insect, especially the mosquitoes. Here, it is so annoying when the mosquitoes fly around us. The worst part is, when we get annoyed because they are trying to bite us. However, we usually hear a question from people like are mosquitoes attracted to light? Before answering this kind of question, it is better for us to know the information about the mosquitoes at first. Here, we are going to share you some information which may be useful below.

Why the mosquitoes attracted to light?

As we know, we usually see the mosquitoes and most flying insects love to come to the light. If you never see it, you can check the street lamps or the porch light in your area. Actually, it doesn’t mean that they like shiny things. Yet, they need a light to go hunting because their vision is not good enough. However, not all insects are attracted to the light. For example, cockroaches will scurry the light. A study from IFL Science has said, that’s why insects fly toward the light because they utilize the light as a navigation. When we talk about the specific light, the light which is liked the most by mosquitoes and the most flying insects is the UV light. On the other hand, insects also like yellow and red colors.

My quotes: “The mosquito look like attracted to the light, but actually they come to light is just for make sense and as a navigation. So if the question: Are Mosquitoes Attracted To Light? The answers is: It can be YES, because they need the special light help them make a sense and navigation.”

Do you know that the mosquiotes can carry virus?

If you have no idea about this, you are not suggested to underestimate the mosquito bites anymore. Here, the fact has shown that this flying insect can carry virus and other infections such as Zika virus, Chikungunya, malaria, dengue, and West Nile virus. The mosquitoes will transmit the virus to your body through the process of blood sucking. In common, the mosquitoes get the virus from the infected animals or humans. Which means, they are like a facilitator of the virus. So, to avoid the mosquito bites, you have to use the mosquito repellent or bug spray, especially before sleeping.

How to avoid the mosquito bites?

As been described before, the best way to prevent the mosquitoes not to bite you is using the mosquito repellent or bug spray. Here, you are suggested to choose the repellents which have been considered safe by the agencies which in charge. Not only that, based on the fact that insects use the light for the navigation. You can use choose the colors which they are annoyed with, such as yellow and red. Besides, you can also wear loose fitting clothes in order to make the mosquitoes difficult to suck your blood. In addition, it is a good idea if you use the mosquito web for your children – when they are sleeping.

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What are the things which should be avoided?

This way is kinda similar with how to avoid the mosquito bites, yet it is more specific. You may don’t know about the things which are liked by the mosquitoes the most. Here, they very like carbon dioxide, heat or warm moisture, and chemical substances from the body.

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