How do Mosquitoes Reproduce? Here are the Process

October 1, 2017 | Mosquitoes

There are many interesting facts about mosquitoes including how do mosquitoes reproduce? but, before we know deeper about its life cycle, here are some interesting facts that you should know about mosquitos.

Mosquitos facts

There are more than 3,500 mosquito species that you can find in this world, including 200 distinct species lay the eggs of U.S. female mosquitos in the water where the pupal and larval stages happen. This animal has a reason to nibble that requires blood for helping them reproduce their next generation. Adult male mosquitos only eats nectar, while on the other hand, the females plays their role to bite. After sucking on blood, they lay their eggs on the water. They commonly lay their eggs on a small pool of water which does not contain any fish. While the population of mosquitos may be high around large water bodies, they lay their eggs usually only happen in a small and sheltered water puddles along the edge.

Blood’s role

Blood is the best source of food for adult female mosquitoes since it has rich substances in calories and protein. Different kind of mosquitos has different biochemistry details. One of the species that currently being studied extensively is aedes aegypti. Even though mosquitoes have similarities, the group diversity creates some adaptions. Almost all mosquitoes larvae eat small organic materials. On the other hand, larval toxorhynchites genus eats other mosquito larva. For adults, this genus creates another unique adaptation. The females prefer to consume nectar rather than consuming blood, similar to what the males do. Other mosquitos also makes strange behaviors at the same time. for instance, anopheles larva move up into the plant stems to pull them from the water in order to prevent themselves from predators.

Mosquitoes Reproduction Process

Science stated that mosquitos are small ectoparasites which separated away from their relatives around 220 million years ago. Blood plays an important role for mosquitoes reproduction process. There are 4 stages of life that mosquitos have, including egg, larva, pupa and adult phase. It requires one until four days for eggs hatch into the larva. The mosquitos’ eggs have blackish color and long shape. The larva is popularly called as “wigglers” since they swim in s-shaped. Meanwhile, as they grow to pupa stage, the thorax and head are combined into one and the abdomen curves on the lower surface like a comma. In this stage, mosquitos are commonly called as “tumblers” because of the way they swim or move in the water. Adult mosquitos has a small shape with less than  ½” long with long legs and slim bodies. Their thin bodies have 3 parts consists of abdomen, head and thorax. There are segmented antennae and compound eyes in the heads that are used for detecting host odors. When they bite a host animal, they can transmit deadly diseases such as west nile virus, malaria and dengue fever.

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Those are all some interesting mosquito facts and how do mosquitoes reproduce that you should know.

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