The Facts about Mosquitoes Season and Tips to Eradicate Them

October 13, 2017 | Mosquitoes

Mosquito is one of the insects that can be very disturbing for the human. Because mosquito bites can make the itch and heat on the skin surface, so these insects are classified into groups of harmful insects. During this time, people questioned about when does mosquito season end. In addition, some types of mosquitoes are also very dangerous for human health, because it can transmit the seeds of disease through bites to humans that can result in death. Therefore, in this article will be discussed about the interesting facts about mosquitoes as well as several ways that can be done to eradicate mosquitoes.

Facts About Mosquito And Its Season

Mosquito is one of the insects belonging to Diptera and Insecta class in scientific classification. This type of insect has about 3,500 species spread throughout the world where inter-species have a very different reproductive system. So there is no precise explanation that can describe the season of mosquitoes in the world, because of the different species. But in general, mosquitoes breed more in the dry season. This can happen because basically, mosquitoes breed in a calm pool of water, where water puddles are more common in the dry season than in the rainy season. During the rainy season, the puddles will occur more often but more often the puddles are carried by a new rain. In addition, due to global climate change, the development stages of mosquitoes are shorter so it does not require a long time until the mosquitoes can reach adulthood in the dry season. Here are some things you should know about mosquitoes, which are:

  1. Only a female mosquito bites a human because human blood will be used in the process of reproduction.
  2. Mosquitoes prefer dark colors and do not like bright colors like orange or yellow. Therefore avoid using dark colors when you travel at night.
  3. Some people receive mosquito bites very much. This is because mosquitoes like someone who produces a lot of lactic acid in their sweat.
  4. Mosquitoes only need a little water to breed. Therefore, in the puddle of water, we find a lot of mosquitoes larvae because basically, mosquitoes like a quiet pool and only require at least one tablespoon of water to be able to multiply.
  5. Female mosquitoes can detect human presence up to 120 feet. Female mosquitoes are very sensitive to carbon dioxide and lactic acid released by humans. Even mosquitoes can detect human body temperature from 3 to 7 feet.

Ways To Eradicate Mosquitoes

Everyone must agree that the presence of mosquitoes is very disturbing in addition to the bite that causes the itching of mosquitoes. In addition, there are other risks for the human that mosquitoes can enter the nose or ear. So, here are some ways you can do to eradicate mosquitoes, namely:

  1. Eucalyptus oil. Is one of the ingredients that have proven very powerful cure the itching caused by mosquito bites. In addition, the smell of eucalyptus oil is also not preferred by mosquitoes so you can use it to eradicate mosquitoes. The trick is very easy, use a bottle or empty spray tube then mix the eucalyptus oil with enough water so that the aroma of eucalyptus oil is maintained. After that, you just need to spray the liquid to all parts of your home.
  2. Mothballs. Is one of the materials with a strong enough aroma so not favored mosquitoes. How to use camphor is quite easy, prepare a few empty glass then fill the glass with enough water then mix it with camphor that has been mashed. Then place the glasses in some corner of your house.

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So this article, hopefully, can answer your questions about when does mosquito season end and you can apply those ways to eradicate mosquitoes in your home.

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