Top 10 Natural Ways to Keep Mice Away from Your Home

August 21, 2017 | Mice

The weather is changing. Cold weather makes a lot of rats that can get to your home. The mice want to take refuge in your home to find a warm place. The mice can hide in the roof, wall basin, attic, and kitchen corner. Maybe you are thinking of spraying disinfectant in all corners of your house. This is a technique for catching mice that cannot work effectively. Disinfectants will harm your family’s health. You have to switch to a natural way to drive rats out of your home. You do not have to prepare a trick that is difficult because rats can pass your traps easily. You just need to release the mouse in a gentle way. You must block the rats from entering your house. Rats can bring harmful diseases to your family. This article has tips to repel mice. These tips are so simple that you can definitely apply this way at home.

Use Peppermint Oil

Peppermint has a very strong aroma for mice. The smell of this oil will pierce the nose. The rat fur will stand up and started. Mice will turn from your house. Rats will be afraid to come to your house. The mice will run in an instant. You can put a cotton ball that has been moistened with this oil. Place the cotton ball in the hole through which the mouse passes. This will work to repel the mouse.

Seal Entries

You can see the fence around your house. You can certainly see the gaps or small holes that are around your house. You can block all driveways to your home. You can block all the gaps with a green scrubber pad.

Stick the Wool in the Hole

You can put steel wool in the house of the mouse. This makes it difficult for the rat to chew the wool. Wool has a hard texture and requires large and sharp teeth.

Put the Cat Tray in the Hole

Mice are afraid of cats. Cats are the predators of the mice so you can put those trays to keep mice from coming into your house. Mice will think that the cat is guarding the hole.

Dried Snake Poo

You can get the material in the reptile shop. Mice are very afraid of snakes. The snake will eat the mice. Mice will run when they smell it.

Install the Feed

You can use a feed that will be a trap for the mouse. You can use bacon oil or peanut butter. You can buy an electric trap to make the mouse die.

Keeping Kitchen Clean

A dirty kitchen is a place favored by rats. Rats can make a nest in a damp kitchen. You have to clean your kitchen every day and do not leave any leftovers in your kitchen.

The Glue Trap

You can use a glue trap that will keep the mouse in place and cannot get into your home. Maybe this trap will not make the mouse die.

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Keep the Cat

If you love animals, then you can keep a cat in front of the house to help you catch the mouse.

Those are 10 natural ways to keep mice away.

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