Orange Oil Termite Treatment Effectiveness

orange oil termite treatment

One of the most promising new termite treatments to emerge in recent years is a substance known as “Orange Oil”. As the name suggests, this is a natural product derived from oranges; the compound D-limonene is extracted from their peels and used to kill termites as it is extremely toxic to these insects while being almost harmless to humans.

Though this sounds like a dream come true, it’s important to properly understand Orange Oil treatment before proceeding; don’t be taken in by false advertisements—while Orange Oil does indeed kill termites, it is not a complete replacement for conventional fumigation (“tenting”) treatment.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment Effectiveness: Advantages And Disadvantages

Before paying a great deal of money for Orange Oil treatment, which some unscrupulous pest control companies are currently overcharging for, it’s important to recognize that Orange Oil treatment has its limitations: Notably, it can only be used for “spot treatment” and not for systematically destroying large infestations. Homeowners are advised to choose a pest control company which offers both Orange Oil treatment and conventional fumigation services (and which has favorable references and online reviews) in order to be sure that they are getting a fair and unbiased opinion on which treatment is best for their home.

While only a pest control professional can reliably advise you on whether or not to choose Orange Oil treatment, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of Orange Oil (as compared to tent fumigation) beforehand so that you can make an educated decision.

Advantages of Orange Oil Termite Treatment:

  • You can stay in your home while the Orange Oil is being applied.
  • Your pets, plants, and children will be safe and you will not have to remove them from the home before treatment begins.
  • You not have to worry about contamination, so there will be no need to bag and seal food and medicine.

Disadvantages of Orange Oil Termite Treatment:

  • Orange Oil can only be applied to “known” termite infestations. This means that unlike gas fumigation treatment, it cannot destroy “hidden” colonies.
  • Unless you have only a small infestation to deal with, Orange Oil will be the more expensive option.
  • Orange Oil treatment does little to protect against future re-infestation.
  • Orange Oil treatment is destructive to the home as in order for the oil to reach the termites, holes have to be drilled into the wood of your walls and furniture. Fumigation, on the other hand, does no invasive damage to your home.

In summation, it’s important for homeowners not to get caught up in the craze for all things “green” and assume natural is always better: While Orange Oil is certainly an excellent treatment option for some infestations, it’s no “magic bullet”. Conventional fumigation treatments, while they require a bit more work in terms of preparation, can save homeowners a great deal of future hassle thanks to their proven efficacy.