The Easy and Natural Way to Protect Your Home From Centipede

November 1, 2017 | Centipedes

Centipede traps homemade is a very important thing to have if you or your family member have a very frightening or annoying feeling towards centipede. However, making homemade trap for centipede is not the only one you could use to get rid of it. By this article, we will give a brief explanation to your own homemade centipede trap as well as other methods you could use to chase it away.

Protect Your Home From Centipede Naturally

Well, actually what we will explain to you on this point is not fully a trap since it does not kept the centipede and would not let it go. It more resembles the method to get rid of centipede by using repellent that you could make by yourself easily. What you need to prepare are only tea tree essential oil (about 25 drops of it is enough) and water (about 6 ounces). Mix it together then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray this liquid on your windows, doorframes, as well as any small cracks you could see on your house. Repeat this method once in every week.

How could this method work? Centipede has a pair of antennae in his head that is very sensitive to such smell like the tea tree. Therefore, this repellent spray would work even better if you use the pure one. Right after centipede smell this spray, they would not enter your house for a long time.


Of course, the answer is to prevent it from entering your house ever again. However, how is the right method?

  1. For the beginning, you need to get rid of any kinds of pests in your house. It is because pest or any insects are actually the food source for centipede. When they are still making nest in your house, the centipede would come over to hunt them. When you have successfully got rid of the pest, centipede would have no reason to enter your house. Even though they enter your house, they would not stay for a long time since they have nothing to eat.
  2. Besides that, it is important for you to keep any areas in your house dry. Centipede lives in a moist area; they could eventually die if they live in dry environment. Make sure that you keep your basement clean. Always check your closet and many other places. It is better to use dehumidifier as well. On the other hand, you could easily use silica to make your house dry. You could use the silica you get from your new shoes, or you could buy it on the store as well. Simply put it on the dampest places in your house. Then it will absorb the moist from the ground as well as the air.

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  1. Last, make sure that you remove any kinds of waste inside your house. Close any small cracks as well that could be use as an entrance for the centipede. Indeed, this step is important after you apply the centipede traps homemade.

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