When Are Sand Flies Active and How To Avoid Them

when are sand flies active and less active? As one of “most annoying” type of flies, sand flies might often be avoided and worried by many people when they are on vacation somewhere. Usually sand flies can be found on the beach, camping area, mangrove swamps or at dusk and midnight time. Different than other types of flies, sand flies can be annoying because it is not only flying around you but also biting and sucking your blood. The effect of sand flies can make you feel itching and always want to scratch the spot of skin that affected with sand flies. Also, it will make red spots on your skin appearance easily.

When Are Sand Flies Active and Less Active

To know how to protect yourself from sand flies, maybe you want to know when is sand fly active and less active. Sand flies are most active at dusk and dawn, in warm temperature without rain and wind such as June to August. Location and places where sand flies are actively flying are like beaches, coastal lagoons, camping area and swamps. What about the less active phase? Sand flies are inactive in rain and wet temperature. When the condition is very windy, usually sand flies are less active and hidden in dark places such as walls and trees.

How to Protect Yourself from Sand Flies

So, how to protect yourself from sand flies? You can read our steps by steps below:

  • Some people who want to go to beach think that lotion can protect their selves from sand flies. Some formula might be helpful but actually there is something more well-guaranteed to protect your skin from this kind of fly. For example, you can buy oil or lotion that contains orange, lemon or lime which works effectively to protect skin from redness and flies. Or you can make your own recipe by mixing water and lemon, adding into spray bottle and spraying it all over your body. Not only it will protect yourself from sand flies but it can give freshness to your skin before sunbathing or hanging around the beach.
  • What about using oil or lotion with lavender ingredient? It can give great formula to avoid sand flies out of your skin. Usually lavender oil is used as perfume or to smoothen your skin. Another great thing to use is tea tree oil which can be sprinkled on your clothes before going outside. If you have nothing or can’t find it anywhere on what we recommend, you can also use: avocado oil, coconut oil, vinegar and garlic. Very effective, we guarantee!

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Overall, you don’t have to feel afraid or worry about these sand flies at all. Although it will be risky to give red spots and bad appearance on your flawless skin, but actually the detail of protection is very easy to follow. You can stay relax when you spend vacation on beach or camping because tips above is very effective to get rid of sand flies near you. We totally hope you will love our information and tips we tell you above. Thanks for appreciate this article about when are sand flies active!