Signs and Symptoms of Termite Bites

May 15, 2016 | Termite Signs & Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of termite bites

Termites are not a danger to humans, but they have been known to bite humans if their colony or group is interfered with. The termites that typically do the biting are the soldier termites. They are the ones whose job it is to protect the colony, especially the queen. So if a person gets near their colony, intentional or not, then the soldier termites will react aggressively and bite you in order to ward off the danger they face. The signs of termite bites will appear as small red rashes or sores on your skin. In fact, they look very similar to the sores you will receive when bitten by army ants on the ground. But termites are less likely than ants to do this because these soldiers usually stay in the tunnels of their colony within the wood or underneath the ground. Unless you are making an aggressive effort to disturb these termites, then you likely won’t experience any bites from them.

For those who happen to get bit by termites, you won’t experience any long-term health effects from it. Termites are not poisonous and won’t transmit any toxins or diseases into your system. The only symptom you’ll really have from a termite bite is itchiness on your red sores. The amount of itchiness you have will depend on how many times you were bitten. Most people only get bit on the top of their feet, so you may have itchy feet for a couple of days. After that, the sores and itchiness with subside. For those with very sensitive skin, you might have a red bump along with the itchy skin. But all of these symptoms will go away within a matter of days.

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In the meantime, try not to pick at your bite sores or bumps because you will just make them worse and possibly cause you to get an infection if you break the skin. Just let your body heal the affected areas of the skin on its own. If you want to reduce the intensity of the itching then apply warm water to the bitten area. And most importantly, stay away from the area where you were bitten in the first place. If the biting took place inside of your home then you need to call a pest control technician right away and have them treat the rooms in your home where you got bitten.

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