6 Common Spots to the Mice Get in The House: And Tips to Prevent it

August 22, 2017 | Mice


How do mice get in the house? Your house has many loopholes that can be entered by mice. Day becomes cold can wall of your house is a warm place. Mice will move into your home to find food in the winter. Mice have become pests in all homes. Mice look small but these pests can make your headache. Mice will contaminate your food. Mice can spread salmonella and other viruses. Dirt from mice will cause severe disease. Mice can also carry lice into your home. You should view this as a serious event. Mice can jump by using one leg. Mice are great swimmers and climbers. You will be surprised that mice can get to your bed easily. Mice are rodents so that wood or furniture in your home can be easily damaged. You have to know the mice entrance to your house to drive the mice out.

Corner Posts

This is the end of your home. This angle is used to hide the ends of doors and windows. If the angle has a cavity, then the mouse can climb the angle easily. Mice will find this angle can fit into your home. You should use a copper mesh or steel wool pad to clog the gap in the corner. You can seal the angle by using silicon.


Every house you have a foundation. This is the perfect part for the mouse. The foundation must have a gap in certain parts. The stone foundation has a vulnerable pile because it consists of building debris. This becomes the main street of the mice to steal food in your home. You should check the sill plate and fill the gap with silicon.


Usually some houses have garage doors that are not closed tightly. The garage has a gap at the bottom. This condition will invite mice to come to your home. You can check the condition of the garage door in your home. You can replace the garage door to keep your house safe from rodents. You should not leave the garage door open for a long time.

Bilco Doors

This is the barn door. This door overlooks the basement. This door has a gap because it consists of two parts. Mice can sneak in from this door. You can install a weather barrier to close the door tightly.


Mice will climb from the gutters in your home. The gutter is an important part of a house. Gutters are used to drain rainwater into the gutter. The gutters must have holes so that the mice will enter the gutter. You can attach the wire to the gutter. You must use some equipment to make the wire firmly attached.

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You need a chimney to warm your house in winter. Mice will climb to the roof of your house and get into the chimney easily. You can attach a 12-inch sheet of metal to each of the chimneys. The chimney should be covered with a tight wire. You can leave 12 inches for smoke and air. That’s the answer about¬†how do mice get in the house?

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