Pros and Cons Using Spray Product to Get Rid of Mice

September 2, 2017 | Mice

The high population of mice in the neighborhood around us becomes a troubling thing. Mice are not only considered dirty, but also the source of the disease. The problem is, these rodents like to live in an environment with plenty of water and enough food. So no wonder if he often appeared in the stalls, attics, sacks, basements, pipes, kitchen cabinets, near trees, shrubs, dining tables and warehouses. To get rid of a mouse is not an easy matter either. They are clever and know how the traps can kill him. Many mouse trap that we put it turns out still cannot kill a population of mice in our homes. Even installing electronic repellent device mouse, mouse poison and so on. Now there is a spray product for mice. How does it work? And what is the best spray product for mice? Here below you will find more about that things.

How It Works

Many researchers found harmful content in the spray product. If it entering into the body or inhalation, it can be toxic to the body. The venom spreads in the blood until it can eventually cause death slowly. If only inhaled in small amounts, this can cause the body susceptible to disease. The harmful chemical content contained in this spray product is propoxur and transfluthrin. Propoxur is a carbonate compound that is harmful to humans as well.


The advantage of this spray product is powerful in killing mice because of the toxic content in it. You can spray it in places that are hidden or used by mice. Mice passing by that star will surely inhale it consciously or not. After inhaling, the poison will slowly begin to work and spread throughout the body of the mice. In less than a day, mice will die because they cannot stand the poison. The smaller the size of mice, then the body’s defense against the toxin is also getting weaker so he will be killed more quickly. In the ordinary mouse poison, mice may have known that it is poison that is dangerous and they are reluctant to eat it. But with the use of this spray product they will accidentally inhale it.


Spray products also have a bad impact on humans. Because of its spray shape, it will also spread into the air we breathe and will enter our bodies. The toxins present in our body will also work and cause respiratory problems as well as some other health problems. Killing mice with spray products takes time to spray regularly in some places they often pass through, allowing all the mice in our homes to inhale the poison. However, indirectly we will also come to inhale the poison because the air is very easy to spread and blowing in the wind. If we breathe these toxins constantly, our body’s defenses will weaken, so we will be more susceptible to disease.

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The facts above are about the spray product for mice that is more effective than usual mouse poison, but this spray product is also harmful for human although it will not make people die if only inhaled in small amounts. But we also have to be careful and better to use products that are natural and not harmful to humans.

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