Subterranean Termite Treatment Tips

subterranean termite treatment

Subterranean termites live underneath your home and often like to inhabit small spaces where there is a lot of moisture. This is what keeps them alive and gives them protection from the dangers around them. Inside these small spaces they build a system of tubes that are about as thick as pencils which act as tunnels for them underneath the Earth. These termites do more harm to people’s homes than drywood termites and often go undetected for a lot longer.

There are three ways you can destroy these subterranean termites. The first is by spraying beneficial nematodes into all of the infested areas. This includes your yard outside and any areas in your home that you know are infested with subterranean termites. These nematodes are basically very tiny worms that search for hosts. Once they find their hosts they burrow right through them, which causes the hosts to die. The termites are the hosts in this particular case. Just spray the nematodes into the ground and let them seek out and destroy the termites. This process should take about 48 hours after the nematodes are sprayed. Don’t worry because nematodes are not harmful to humans, animals or plants. They are only harmful to insect colonies, which is your main target here.

Another way to destroy subterranean termites is by spraying boric acid onto the wood that they like to feast on. Boric acid will dehydrate the termites and cause their nervous system to shut down. However, this substance is harmful to humans and animals so you have to be careful when applying it. Wear a face mask and rubber gloves while working with the boric acid because it is toxic. But if you’re thinking this is too much to have to deal with then try setting a cardboard trap for the termites instead.

Remember that termites like to feast on anything with cellulose in it, which means they’ll go after cardboard and paper as well. So what you could do is take a few sheets of cardboard and run them under the faucet with water. Place the wet cardboard in areas that are most infested with termites. Check the cardboard periodically and when the termites are crawling all over the cardboard, you can either kill them with insecticide or pick the cardboard up with gloves and burn it. You may have to repeat this process multiple times until all of the termites are killed that live beneath the ground.