What Temperature Do Mosquitoes Die?

What temperature do mosquitoes die? Have you ever asked this question to other people? There are so many facts about mosquito that may have never known by us. Although mosquito is just little animal, it has various facts that are unbelievable. Sometime, people also hate mosquito because this animal carries various diseases. How to get rid of mosquito? Will mosquito die in certain temperature? Find the answer below.

Mosquitoes and Temperature

As mentioned before, there are so many facts about mosquito. Have you ever heard about the relation between mosquito and temperature? Actually, certain temperature will make mosquito survive for long time. What is temperature needed by mosquito? The answer is hot temperature. Mosquito is cold-blooded animal. It means they will not get problem when living in place with hot temperature. Even, mosquito will be more survive in hot temperature than cold temperature.

So, what temperature do mosquitoes die? Mosquitoes like hot temperature, but it doesn’t mean that mosquitoes don’t like cold temperature. Mosquitoes will hibernate during cold weather. It means that mosquitoes can survive in hot or cold temperature. But for your information, mosquito will not survive for more than 10 or 12 days. Favorite temperature for mosquito is 50-80 degree Fahrenheit. So, if mosquito live in place with temperature lower or higher than 50-80 degree F, it may make mosquito will not live longer than 10 days.

How to Get Rid of Mosquito

From the explanation above, we know that mosquito will survive in hot and cold temperature. It means this animal is difficult to die, except they have lived for 10-12 days. This fact may make us feel so annoying. For people who often get problem caused by mosquito, they want to get rid of mosquito as soon as possible. Actually, there are so many ways to get rid of mosquito.

First, you can use vitamin C and B2 tablet. Mix it using mineral water. After that, you can apply it to your skin. This way is simple and easy to do. Mosquito will not want to bite your skin because they don’t like vitamin C and vitamin B2 scent. So, this tip can be effective way to get rid of mosquito.

Second, you can use some plants to keep mosquito away from your room. There are some plants which have good scent, but the scent hated by mosquito. For example are rose, tuberose, and many more. Place this flower in your room to make mosquito go away from your room. If you don’t want mosquito to enter your room, you can plant the flowers in your backyard. It is effective to prevent mosquito entering your home.

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Actually, there are still many ways to get rid of mosquito. Not only use vitamin C, vitamin B2 and plants, make sure your home or garden is free of puddle. Actually, mosquito really likes to live in puddles. So, make sure you always keep your environment. Finally, your home will not be entered by mosquito. Finally, I hope some information about what temperature do mosquitoes die above will give reference for you about mosquito facts.