Symptoms and Treatments of Termite Bites

March 16, 2018 | Termite Signs & Symptoms

Termites are known for eating anything that is wood, whether it is the wooden structure of your home or the wooden furnishings inside your home. Termites do not set out to feast on human flesh, but they will certainly bite the flesh if you threaten their colony in some way. For example, if you were to stumble upon their colony and try to step on the termites or something, the soldier termites would naturally become defensive in order to protect the queen and larvae. That is why it is best to leave termites alone if you come across them. Unless you have a strategy for eliminating them yourself, call an exterminator and let them handle clearing out the termites from your home.

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Top 3 Termite Bite Symptoms

Getting bitten by termites will not kill you and it shouldn’t cause you to get sick. However, you will still experience some uncomfortable symptoms associated with those bites. These symptoms will be like what you would feel from a mosquito or ant bite. To understand this more clearly, below is a list of the top symptoms of termite bites that you can expect.

1) Red Sores – You will see circular red sores in the areas of your skin that were bitten by the termites. These sores will become a little bit inflamed and lumpy like pimples, but do not pick at them or else you could make the sores worse.

2) Burning – The bitten skin may feel a small burning sensation, especially when the biting is currently taking place. This is how you will know that you’re being bitten if you don’t already see it happening.

3) Itching – As your bitten skin starts to heal, it will go through a period of itching. Try to avoid scratching your skin because it could make the symptoms worse. There are treatments available to reduce the itching sensation so that you don’t feel tempted to scratch at it.

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Top 3 Termite Bite Treatments

The good news is that the symptoms of termite bites will naturally go away on their own. Of course, the hard part is having to tolerate the annoying symptoms of those bites in the meantime. Fortunately, there are treatment methods that you can do to make this recovery process much less painful and irritating. Below are the top 3 treatments that are recommended for termite bites.

1) Hydrocortisone Cream – This is a steroid cream that is available over-the-counter. It is the most recommended treatment for relieving the pain, itching, and burning that is associated with termite bites. You should only need to apply the cream for a couple of days before the symptoms totally clear up. The red sores will even go away faster too.

2) Benadryl Cream – If you don’t like the idea of using steroidal topical creams on your skin, then try this antihistamine-based cream instead. It will work to relieve the itching and burning of your skin just the same as the steroid cream. The amount of time it takes to work may vary, though.

3) See a Doctor – If you have treated your termite bites with one of the creams above and the symptoms have either stayed the same or gotten worse, then you may have some other problem going on. It could be an allergic reaction to the bites, although this is rare. In any event, it is best to consult with a doctor so that they can give your bites a more thorough examination. They may even recommend that you go see a dermatologist because they are experts in skin related issues like this. But if you are experiencing other symptoms from the bites that go beyond just the skin, then your primary doctor should be able to assist you.

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